BetSoft Slots

BetSoft is one of the newest casino software providers in the online casino business, so they haven’t built up the raw number of associated casinos or the reputation of some other casinos companies. However, they’ve already created some of the most advanced slot machines on the market. While the BetSoft lineup contains a fairly limited number of slots at the moment, their line of 3D slots are some of the best games available at any online casino today.

BetSoft 3D Slots

The pride of BetSoft’s slot machine line is their series of 3D Slots. At the moment, they offer around 20 different 3D games, each of which combines fun animations, tons of sound clips and colorful graphics to truly capture the look and feel of the theme each game is based around. Combined with bonus games that fit right into the gameplay, the result are slot machines that are actually fun to play for their gaming aspects, not just for the chance to win a large prize.

One great example is the fairy-tale themed machine Once Upon a Time. The game is introduced with a voiceover that sounds right at home for a children’s fantasy movie, and the colorful graphics and cheerful music fit the theme perfectly. As you play, you’ll be trying to match a number of fantasy themed symbols: a horde of dragon’s treasure, a brace knight, sneaky goblins and a trapped princess who needs to be rescued. Each time you win a prize, you’ll get a short little animation; for instance, match three swords in the stone, and you’ll see your knight pull the sword out of the rock, claiming it for his own. Bonus games are also designed to fit the theme; land a knight symbol next to the princess, for instance, and you’ll activate an instant win called “How She Loved the Knight.” That’s just one of a half-dozen different fantasy-themed bonus rounds you can trigger with the right combination of symbols!

This sort of attention to detail and theme is apparent in all of the Betsoft 3D slot games. The entire lineup includes a number of really fun games, including The Slotfather (a game based on a mafia/Godfather theme), Rock Star, Barbary Coast and Arrival.

Other BetSoft Slots

Along with the more spectacular 3D slots, there are about another 20 slots that are more similar to the kinds of games you’ll find at other online casinos. These games range from older-style games with few special features to complex games that feature lots of pay lines and plenty of bonuses.

Among these slots, there are a few standouts worthy of note. Chase the Cheese is interesting if only because it is a four-reel slot, which isn’t something often seen in online slots. The four-by-four grid can be played for up to nine lines at once – four horizontal, four vertical, and one diagonal – and has a progressive jackpot that’s usually a little over $1,000.

Among BetSoft’s standard five-reel slots, you might want to try The Ghouls, a game that features ghosts, goblins, vampires and other Halloween-themed symbols. Playable for up to 20 lines, this game has a surprising number of bonus features, from scatters and free spin games to a second screen bonus that has you picking graves to win instant bonuses. The Ghouls also has its own progressive jackpot, which was at over $3,200 when we last played the game.

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