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Betsoft Gaming are renowned for creating exciting slot machines which have a unique theme, and once again that’s exactly what they’ve done with the addition of Gypsy Rose to their range of 3D slot machines. Gypsy Rose is based on a stunning female fortune teller named Rose who, as the title suggests, is a Gypsy. With beautiful graphics (including Rose animated in 3D), background music which matches the theme perfectly, and a variety of rewarding bonus features – we don’t need a fortune teller to state that you are going to love the Gypsy Rose slot machine!

Gypsy Rose Slot Machine

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Gypsy Rose Theme and Gameplay

Like the majority of Betsoft Gaming 3D slots, Gypsy Rose contains 5 reels and 30 paylines with coin sizes available from 0.02 to 1 and 1 to 5 coins can be bet on each payline. This means it can be played for up to 150 coins and Betsoft state that it has a maximum win amount of 336,000 coins.

Visually, Gypsy Rose is yet another impressive 3D slot designed to fit the fortune-telling theme perfectly. Once you load the game you instantly get that mystical feel with the gorgeous fortune-teller Rose situated on the left of the reels fully animated in 3D with her crystal ball in front of her, and each time you spin the reels she gazes into it, then proceeds to cheer on in celebration of any wins you land. The symbols used in Gypsy Rose also tie in perfectly with the theme and these include the following: the standard 10-A playing card symbols, a Crow, magic book, love potion, crystal ball, Rose herself, and a Wild symbol displayed in the form of a tarot card.

Gypsy Rose Bonus Features

Bonus features are one area where Betsoft Gaming excel, and Gypsy Rose is no exception, loaded with special features to give you a great chance of hitting a big win. Firstly it features a Wild symbol which only shows up on reels 1 and 5, however should you land a Crow, Rose, Love Potion, or Magic Book symbol on reels 2, 3, or 4, Rose will throw a tarot card on the reels and the symbol will then be replaced with a Wild which can prove very lucrative. There is also a Double Up game which you can activate after any standard base game wins. This sees you close up with Rose and faced with the option of heads or tails, she then flips a Gypsy Coin and you either double your money if you selected the right side, or lose your winnings if you select wrongly, and you can double-up a maximum of five times in a row. On top of these there are an additional four bonus features built into the Gypsy Rose slot machine which you can learn more about below.

Love Potion Free Spins: The free spins mode is triggered by landing the crystal ball symbol on reel 3 and a Love Potion symbol on reels 2 and 4 beside it. Players are rewarded with 12 free spins, however the mode can be reactivated in-play meaning you could get even more.

Crow Wild and Respin: This bonus feature is activated by landing the crystal ball symbol on reel 3, with Crow symbols on reels 2 and 4 either side of it. All Crow symbols on the reels are then changed into Wild’s for one spin.

Magic Book Instant Win: Land the crystal ball symbol on reel 3 with a Magic Book symbol on reels 2 and 4 either side of it to trigger this bonus game. Players are then rewarded with a random instant-win prize which is worth up to 20x your initial bet.

Tarot Card Bonus Round: This is the main bonus game in Gypsy Rose which is activated by landing the crystal ball symbol on the middle reel with Rose symbols beside it on both reels 2 and 4. It sees you taken to a different screen where you will find 15 tarot cards face down on a table. There are 5 different types of cards available (with different figures on each) and they are available in one of three colors (red, blue or green). You will receive a multiplier bonus for picking 3 or more cards of the same color on top of your winnings for each of the figure cards you select, which are also multiplied if you get two or more of the same figure. As you can imagine, all of these multipliers combined often add up to very large wins indeed!

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