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Paris is known as the City of Lights, as well as one of the most romantic cities on Earth. But in A Night in Paris, you’ll be much more interested in robbing the city blind than taking sightseeing or falling in love.

In this new game from Betsoft, you’ll see the beauty of Paris, but you’ll also take part in exciting chases and daring robberies with a thief in the night. Score enough of the special bonus features, and you might just escape from France with a fortune of your own!

A Night in Paris

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Basics of A Night in Paris

A Night in Paris is a five-reel, 30-line slot machine that features a variety of Parisian-themed symbols. You’ll need to match at least three of each symbol from left to right across the reels (for higher-value symbols, just two will earn you a small prize).

Unlike many of the Betsoft 3D slot machines, A Night in Paris doesn’t overwhelm you with animations and sounds, instead relying on some light music to carry the theme. You’ll also see a local police officer and his trusty dog standing guard in the lower-right hand corner of the screen, always on watch for burglars – and applauding you wins (in a stereotypical French accent, of course).

Payouts range from modest to quite large, depending on the size of your bets and the symbols you hit. At the lower end, croissants, statues and the Eiffel Tower will reward you with relatively few coins. In contrast, a young French couple, the dog, robber and police symbols can all earn you 1,000 coins or more. Hit all five police officers for the maximum amount allowed per line, and you can win as much as $1,250 per spin!

Interestingly, A Night in Paris doesn’t feature a traditional wild or scatter symbol. However, there are plenty of other features imbedded into the game to keep things plenty exciting for players along the way.

Special Features in A Night in Paris

The first special game occurs if you hit a mix of three symbols right next to each other: the cop and the robber, along with the policeman’s badge in between them. When this occurs, the thief himself will appear on screen. All you need to do is press a button that appears in the center of the screen, alerting the policeman to his presence. The cop will then apprehend the robber, giving you a reward in the process.

That may sound like a really simple slots bonus round, and that’s because it is – there isn’t much in the way of drama or choices to be made by the player. However, don’t let that simplicity fool you: this can be an extremely lucrative bonus round. The first time we triggered it, we were rewarded with a payout of 3,750 coins – more than any combination of symbols can give you during normal game play!

The second bonus feature is known as the “Chase Free Spins” game. This game is trigger when you hit three or more badge symbols anywhere on the reels, and – as you might expect – gives you a number of free spins at the stakes and lines you were playing when you triggered it.

Of course, Paris is known for its great museums, and the final bonus game gives you a chance to leave with some of their riches. If you hit three or more of the painting symbols, you’ll trigger the “Caught in the Museum” game, which allows you another chance to win bonus prizes. You’ll play along with a chase through the museum, as the thief attempts to take as much as he can before he’s discovered by the policeman.

Final Thoughts on A Night in Paris

As far as Betsoft’s 3D slots games go, A Night in Paris is one of their simpler offerings. While it shares the same beautiful 3D graphics as the rest of the games in the 3D slots line, it doesn’t use nearly as much animation or voice acting as many of these games. While the Parisian theme is definitely a part of the game, it isn’t played up as much as the settings for some of the other Betsoft slots. The bonus features are also understated, with just a couple of extras thrown into the mix.

That’s not to say that this is a bad game by any means. A Night in Paris is fun to play, as long as you’re not looking for a ton of bells and whistles to spice things up. If you’re looking for a little bit of the Parisian nightlife without paying for a flight to France, or just want to play a solid slot machine that features excellent graphics and a great atmosphere, you’ll enjoy playing A Night in Paris.

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