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Sugar Pop Game Information

Sugar Pop is a most unusual slot game from the portfolio of Betsoft. It has elements of arcade games, particularly different levels of play and keeping track of scores. Keep the audio enabled while you play because the sound effects are amazing. Play this game for a while in the free play mode till you fully understand its nuances. This review will help you get a start.

Sugar Pop

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Sugar Pop Gameplay and Symbols

The main symbols are candies of different colours and shapes depicted with mouth-watering realism. The slots reels and paylines are different from the usual. The symbols appear in a 5×5 grid. Paylines are formed by three or more candies of the same kind touching horizontally or vertically or both. The combinations pay out according to the pay table. You can wager from 50 to 250 coins per spin, with each coin ranging from 0.02 to 1.00.

In a spin if candies appear in a winning combination then the candies pop and disintegrate, allowing other candies to cascade into the vacant places. If another winning combination is formed then the process repeats itself. A bonus pattern is indicated on the side of the grid. When winning combinations appears on the cells in the pattern these cells are highlighted. When the entire bonus pattern is replicated on the grid it is cleared and you win additional credits. You begin the game in the Cotton Candy Forest in Level 1. A meter to the right of the grid rises as you earn points. When the meter is full you progress to the next level. In all there are 5 worlds containing a total of 30 levels.

Sugar Pop Bonus Features

The bonus features in this slot game are awarded by special candy symbols with magical properties. As you rise to higher levels more special symbols will come into play.

Lollipop: This is available on Level 1 and up. It swirls another set of candies on the screen with the possibility of creating new wins.

Caramel Chew: This is available on Level 2 and up. It takes a random path on the reels eliminating existing candies and placing new ones in position.

White Chocolate: This is available on Level 4 and up. It shoots almonds, directly exploding candies for quick wins.

Gumdrop: This is available on Level 6 and up. It sucks in a number of nearby candies eliminating them and allowing others to fill their places.

Jawbreaker: This is available on Level 8 and up. It launches from its position crushing nearby candies thereby creating vacancies for others to fill.

Candy Cane: This is available on Level 10 and up. It explodes all the candies in the same row and column, including itself.

Jelly Beans: This is available on Level 12 and up. Up to 5 jelly beans will fly off exploding the candies on which they land.

Chocolate: This is available on Level 15 and up. A 3×3 box surrounding the chocolate will explode forming a massive vacancy.

Cotton Candy: This is available on Level 20 and up. A tornado of cotton candy will engulf the reels notching up sweet wins for you.

Peanut Butter Cup: This is available on Level 21 and up. It swirls the existing candies into new positions for likely further wins.

Some special candies are formed when winning combinations of more than 3 symbols appear on the reels.

Super Color: Winning combinations of 4 create Super Color candies of the same color, which multiply payouts if they appear in winning combinations before the next spin.

Color Bomb: Winning combinations of 5 create Color Bomb candies of the same color. If they appear in winning combinations then all candies of the color explode.

Sugar Pop Conclusion

While the graphics are raher simplistic compared to other 3D slot machines from Betsoft Gaming, you should be warned that Sugar Pop is rather addictive. With bright colors and exciting features on the reels this is a slot to keep you entertained for many spins!

Visit to play Sugar Pop now!

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