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The Aztecs are known for a lot of things: their influence over Central American culture, their impressive empire that spanned thousands of miles, and impressive pyramids, some of which still stand today. They also collected plenty of treasure over the years, which has attracted treasure hunters for centuries.

That’s the focus of this game. Those same riches are waiting in the Aztec Treasures slot machine, ready to make you a fortune if you can unlock the secrets of this ancient civilization.

Aztec Treasures

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Aztec Treasures Basic Gameplay

The gameplay of Aztec Treasures should be familiar to anyone who has played 3D slots online before. It’s a five-reel slot machine from Betsoft Gaming that allows players to play on up to 30 paylines at a time. Each line can be played for 1-5 coins, with denominations per coin ranging from $0.02 to $1.

The game, as you might expect, features an Aztec theme. You’ll see wildlife, pyramids, and a few Aztecs themselves, most of which seems at least reasonably authentic to the civilization the game is trying to emulate. Okay, it’s a tad hokey, but it’s not outright offensive or ridiculous; instead, the game has a fun, relaxed feel. Aztec Treasures is a little lighter on the animations, graphics and sounds than most of the Betsoft 3D games, however, so if you’re looking for as many frills as possible, this probably isn’t the game for you. If that’s the case then check out Mamma Mia or Mr Vegas instead.

The object of the game is (as always) to match symbols from left to right across the active paylines. In the case of Aztec Treasures, all symbols require three or more in a row to trigger a win. Prizes range from relatively small ones like winning 15 credits per coin wagered if you match three golden bowls, to the biggest prize, 300 credits for hitting five Aztec chiefs. This puts the biggest possible win on a single payline at $1,500 if you play for the maximum amount – modest, but still a nice win.

Aztec Treasures Special Features

One thing that is definitely attractive about Aztec Treasures is the sheer number of online slot bonus games available during play. We count no less than six different and unique bonus features, each of which has a different way of increasing your winnings.

Let’s start with the game we were able to trigger most often: the Love Hut Bonus Round. This game begins whenever you hit three or more hut symbols on any active payline. When the game begins, you’ll be in control of an Aztec man who is looking for a gift to offer to the two lovely Aztec ladies. After you make your selection, he’ll give his present, and the three will then enter the love tent, where…well, that part is left to your imagination. But the results are definitely worthwhile; you’ll often win well over 1,000 credits during this game.

Three or more gecko icons on an active payline trigger a free spins bonus. This is a pretty standard game, although there are a couple twists that make this a little better than the typical free spins game. First, you can retrigger the bonus during the game by hitting more geckos during play. In addition, the free spins always allow you to play on all 30 paylines, even if you only played a single payline during the spin that triggered the bonus!

Another added bonus is the aptly named Aztec Treasures second screen bonus. This game is triggered if you collect all three gems of different colors (red, blue and yellow). These gems are “collected” any time they appear on the fifth reel. You don’t need to collect all three during a single spin; instead the game will keep track of the gems you’ve collected during play, and will start the bonus round once the third gem has been collection.

Next is the Aztec Calendar game. If you see three or more of the calendar symbols on a single active payline, you’ll trigger a fairly simple “pick one” game that awards instant credits. This wouldn’t normally be that exciting, but this game has some extremely generous jackpot payouts – you can win up to 20,000 credits simply by selecting the right calendar icon.

The Kiss Me Wild Reel game is triggered if you hit the combination of two Aztec women with the chief in between them on the first three or middle three reels. This will trigger a wild reel, giving you even more ways to win on that spin. Finally, the “Spear Toss” feature is triggered when a spear icon appears anywhere on the reels; the spear will be thrown, turning another symbol on screen into a wild substitute.

Final Thoughts on Aztec Treasures

Aztec Treasures is not one of the most advanced Betsoft slot machines in terms of graphics or animation, and the prizes offered in the game are generally modest (with the notable exception of the jackpot in the Aztec Calendar feature). However, this is more than made up for by the incredible number of bonus games and features available during play. If you’re tired of playing games that quickly get repetitive, Aztec Treasures’ numerous special features should provide you with countless hours of entertainment.

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