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Are you ready to rock? If not, are you at least ready to play a rock and roll themed slot machine to win lots of money? Rock and roll will never die, and if you needed any more proof of that, the slot machine RockStar shows that rock and roll is still a huge part of our culture. In this game, you’ll be playing concerts, partying with your band mates and celebrating success, all while picking up some big prizes along the way.


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RockStar Slot Gameplay

RockStar is a 3D slot machine by Betsoft Gaming, and features most of the same basic gameplay elements found throughout this line of games. You can play up to 30 paylines at once, and you may wager up to five coins on each line (with coin denominations ranging from $0.02 to $1 available).

The game, of course, features a rock band theme that seems heavily influenced by video games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band (this is especially obvious once you get into some of the slot bonus games). The game begins with a suitably generic rock track that’s all about being a rock star, along with animations and graphics that show the stars of the game – the rock band themselves – preparing to put on a huge concert for their fans.

As always, the object of this game is to match identical symbols in order to win prizes. There are a total of nine different symbols available that award prizes; match three or more consecutively on an active payline and you’ll earn a prize. These prizes can range from just two credits per coin wagered for matching three record contracts, while hitting fie of the lead guitarist will earn you the maximum prize of 100 credits per coin on that payline.

While these prizes may seem somewhat modest – even with a maximum bet, the most you can win with the basic symbols is $500 on a single payline – there are plenty of ways to increase these winnings. While many other Betsoft slot games do not feature wild symbols, RockStar actually has two different ones that can work separately or in concert to increase your winnings.

The wild symbols are gold and platinum records – the ultimate icons of success in the recording world. A gold record can substitute for any symbol in a winning combination, and also multiplies your winnings by 2x. A platinum record goes even further, acting as a substitute and multiplying your prize by 5x. Finally, if you have both gold and platinum records as part of a winning payline, you’ll earn an incredible 10x multiplier on your win.

RockStar Special Features

There are two different concert-themed special games that can earn you bonus credits. First, you can activate the Epic Solo mini-game by receiving three or more guitar symbols on any active payline. When this occurs, a member of the band will jump into the action and start an electrifying solo — literally! Three random symbols on the reels will be electrified, producing an instant bonus that’s usually over 1,000 credits.

The other bonus game is activated by hitting three or more VIP tickets on a single payline. In this bonus round, you’ll be treated to a song by the band, and you’ll have to keep up with the music in a mini-game that is very similar to popular rhythm music games like Guitar Hero. This is one of the few examples of a true skill-based bonus game in a Betsoft slot machine; the number of times you successfully click the right notes at the right times will have an impact on your winnings, so you’ll want to be sharp while you play.

To be honest, this bonus game isn’t difficult to play; most players won’t have too much trouble grabbing the maximum bonus each time, as long as they pay attention to what’s going on. It’s definitely worth your while to keep a sharp eye on what’s going on, since the maximum prize for hitting all 20 notes played can be well over 2,000 credits.

Final Thoughts on RockStar

RockStar has a very cool, very engaging theme that really works well in the 3D slots engine. Music games work great when supported by top notch graphics and sound, which is right up Betsoft’s alley. While there aren’t a huge number of special bonuses in the game, the ones that are there are actually fun to play, which makes all the difference.

One thing we do need to say is that this isn’t a game for those with slow reflexes or physical issues that make clicking quickly around the screen impossible. This is due to the fact that the main bonus round does require a minimal amount of dexterity to play, and if you’re not able to take full advantage of this game, you’ll only be leaving money on the table.

But as long as that’s not an issue for you, chances are that you’ll find RockStar to be a lot of fun. If you have an inner rock god just waiting to come out, fire up RockStar and live out your fantasy – while hopefully winning a little cash at the same time.

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