3D Slots

In the last few years, many casino software developers have been racing to create the most innovative and engaging slot machines possible. Many different techniques have been tried, including interactive features, licenses with movie franchises, new jackpot options and more.

One of the most successful efforts has been the introduction of 3D slots. These games feature impressive animations, graphics and sounds, and combine them with state of the art gameplay to create an enjoyable slots experience that’s hard to match.

3D Slot Reviews

What Are 3D Slots?

3D slots are a series of games developed by BetSoft Gaming, and are currently available at casinos such as BetOnline. There are currently a total of 19 different slots in the 3D slots lineup, covering a wide variety of different themes. For a full list of the available 3D slots games, see the list at the bottom of this article!

Each of these games features a combination of crisp animations, energetic voice acting and thematic bonus games to truly evoke a world around the slot machine. This ensures that each game feels like a unique experience, rather than just skins over an unchanging framework.

However, that’s not to say that these games have nothing in common. Every game in the 3D slots collection is a five-reel, multiline slot machine. Each features multiple bonus rounds, giving you numerous different ways to score a win and helping to prevent the gameplay from getting stale or repetitive.

Beyond the basics, however, the games vary tremendously. Rather than try to give a general impression of how these games work, we’ll instead look more deeply into two of the most popular 3D slots games: The SlotFather and Barbary Coast.

The Slotfather 3D Slot Machine

As soon as you begin loading The Slotfather slot machine, you’ll know you’re in store for a special experience. You begin the game by looking at a table of stereotypical mobsters, while the Slotfather himself tells you the secret to his success (offering players “a jackpot they can’t refuse”).

The main game interface features sharp graphics, but nothing that’s too out of line with a good modern slot machine. Characters from the game’s storyline are used as the big money symbols, while various stereotypical Italian mafia standbys are used as other symbols: cars that appear right out of a 1930’s mobster movie, Tommy guns, Italian restaurant meals and wine, and so on.

Where The Slotfather really stands out is in its special features, which can be triggered from any number of symbol combinations – sometimes depending on if two different symbols are next to each other on the same line. For instance, if “Sammy Quickfingers” is located next to a briefcase full of money, he’ll reach into the cash to earn you some instant winnings. Put “Frankie da Fixer” next to a Tommy gun, on the other hand, and he’ll grab it and take a few shots right at your computer screen! This results in a number of bullet holes appearing; you can choose one to receive a number of free spins.

The coolest bonus game of all comes if you hit three Slotfathers on a single payline. In that case, you get shown a landscape of the city, and you’ll have the chance to place three different slot machines in three businesses of your choosing. After making your selections, you’ll be invited to have dinner with the Slotfather and his goons, where they’ll talk about the great job you did placing your slot machines, and reward you with your cut of the proceeds.

All of this combines to create a game that’s extremely enjoyable to play, and also legitimately works as a parody of the mafia movie genre. At times, you’ll forget that your main goal is to make money, and instead be hoping to hit the next special feature just to see what happens. This is a common feeling when playing 3D Slots – there’s a real emphasis on features that make you want to come back for more.

Barbary Coast 3D Slot Machine

Barbary Coast is, as you might have guessed, a pirate-themed game that begins with a raspy-voice narrator warning you about the dangers of a pirate’s life. It’s a game filled with pirates and treasure, ale and parrots, guns and gold. Featuring the kinds of up-tempo music and thrilling imagery seen in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies (which were obviously an inspiration), Barbary Coast will draw you right into the high seas atmosphere it creates.

Like with The Slotfather, Barbary Coast is big on special features that try to use the pirate theme in ways that make sense both for the game, as well as with the theme itself. Some are pretty standard features; three parrots earn you extra spins, for instance, while hitting three or more of Captain Ben Sawyer allows you to click one for an instant prize.

But others are more ambitious. Take, for instance, the cannon that can appear on the center reel. If you get a cannon there, you’ll trigger the “explosive” wild reel feature, turning that entire third reel into wild symbols! Best of all, this feature lasts for an additional spin, giving you two shots at bonus winnings. One particularly funny bonus game is the “Grog Challenge,” where you and one of the ship workers have a drinking contest. Win or lose the competition, you’ll earn a bonus for your efforts.

The coolest game of all is triggered if you can land three or more Captain Blackbeard symbols on a single payline. When this occurs, you’ll be transported into a fight against Blackbeard himself to battle over treasure and a beautiful woman he stole from you. The better you do in the fight, the bigger the rewards you receive!

3D Slots Summary

With so many slot machines out there, it’s easy to think that there aren’t any real differences between the offerings at different casinos. But 3D Slots really do try to push the limits of what an online slot machine can be. Players who truly want an interactive – and above all, fun – experience while they play slot machines will enjoy BetSoft’s 3D slot machines, most of which can be played for hundreds of spins without getting the slightest bit repetitive or boring.

Update: RTG have now released their first RTG slot machine, review here: Orc vs Elf slot

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