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Medieval settings and fantasy stories go together like bread and butter. Thanks to legends such as those about King Arthur and Camelot, we’ve become used to the idea of castles and knights interacting with dragons, goblins and other beasts.

Once Upon A Time exists in just such a world, where knights must rescue princesses while fighting off treasure-hording dragons. With plenty of gold and jewels lying around every corner, this slot machine offers you plenty of different ways for you to strike it rich on the reels.

Once Upon A Time

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Once Upon A Time Basic Gameplay

In most ways, Once Upon A Time follows the standard pattern seen in just about all of the Betsoft 3D slots. The game is a five-reel, thirty-line slot, where players have the option of playing anywhere from one to five coins per line. In order to win, you must match symbols from left to right across your active paylines; the more symbols you match, the bigger the prize.

There are eight different standard symbols that award prizes. The lowest value symbol is the royal crest, which awards up to 80 credits per coin wagered if you match five of them across a single pay line. The biggest win is the princess, who is worth up to 500 credits per coin — or $2,500 if you are playing for the maximum amount allowed. While most symbols require at least three in a row to trigger a win, the higher-value symbols trigger small wins even when only two symbols line up.

Like most Betsoft 3D games, presentation is a very strong point for Once Upon A Time. The game has colorful graphics that fit the theme perfectly; it’s not supposed to be a scary fantasy world, after all, and even the dragons appear to be fairly friendly, as dragons go. The game doesn’t go over the top with animations and sound effects, but the ones that are used support the theme and help make things more fun.

Special Features in Once Upon A Time

A great strength of most Betsoft games is in the special bonus features each slot offers. As usual, this machine features a number of different bonus games that are fun, lucrative, and fit right in with the thematic elements of the game. In fact, Once Upon A Time has one of the largest selections of special features we’ve seen in any slot machine yet. These features range from simple instant bonuses to interactive bonus rounds, and there are six in total.

The first is the Fire Starter feature, which can be triggered by landing a dragon right on the top line of the third reel. If this occurs, the entire center reel will become wild, greatly increasing your chances at scoring multiple big wins. If the dragon’s treasure appears on the reels as well, you’ll have the wild reel carry over for another spin!

There are a couple of other games that instantly reward you with a bonus right on the reels, too. How She Loved the Knight is a bonus that occurs anytime the knight and princess symbols land next to each other on one of the three main paylines. You’ll see the two lean in for a kiss, after which you’ll be awarded some instant bonus credits. If you hit three tree houses on any payline, you’ll activate the “Those Crazy Goblins” game, in which you’ll earn free spins. You’ll also have the opportunity to earn additional free spins if more tree houses appear on the reels during the bonus rounds.

As with many of the Betsoft slots, there’s also a “Click Me” slots bonus round that can be triggered to win even more instant cash. If you hit three sacks of gold anywhere on the reels, you’ll have the opportunity to choose one to receive a number of credits. This game can be especially lucrative, as you’ll be able to continue choosing sacks until you hit one that features the “collect” symbol.

Finally, there are two separate second-screen bonus games that offer the opportunity for especially large prizes. In Goblin’s Treasure – which is activated by hitting three or more goblins on the same active payline – you’ll follow the goblins into the castle, where they’re ready to steal some valuables. You’ll choose three items, each of which will reward you with a certain number of credits. There’s a big range of possible outcomes in this game; playing for maximum coins, we’ve won as little as 800 credits on some occasions, and well over 2,000 on others!

Finally, three or more knights on an active payline will begin the Save the Princess bonus round. You’ll play the part of the valiant knight who has to save the princess from the dragon. Once you’ve succeeded in freeing her, you’ll take home a hefty reward for all your hard work.

Final Thoughts on Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is loaded with bonus features, so if you like having varied and interactive gameplay, this is a 3D slot machine that will give you everything you’re looking for. The medieval theme is fun and will give most players a few smiles during play as well, which is always a plus. If you really enjoy a more straightforward game with fewer bells and whistles, Once Upon A Time probably isn’t for you, but most players will likely enjoy the diverse gameplay elements and beautiful presentation that this slot machine has to offer.

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