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No matter where you look these days, vampires are in. And we’re not talking about Dracula or Nosferatu; no, today’s vampires are the romantic kind found in True Blood, Twilight, and other popular franchises. Several slot machine companies have made efforts to cash in on this craze by creating vampire-themed slot machines, but few can match up to Immortal Romance. With a mix of amazing presentation and exciting bonus features, Immortal Romance is not only one of the best vampire slot machines we’ve played – it’s one of the best new slots on the market, period.

Immortal Romance

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Immortal Romance Slots Basics

Immortal Romance is a Microgaming slot machine that uses the increasingly common “all pays” style of gameplay. In this kind of machine, players simply make one wager that covers every possible combination of symbols running left to right across the reels. In the case of this machine, there are five reels and three rows of symbols. This makes this a “243 Ways” slot, as there are the equivalent of 243 paylines on the machine that are always active.

The object of the game, as always, is to match symbols across the reels, beginning with the first reel and moving to the right. As in many slot machines, the lower value symbols on the reels are represented by poker ranks, ranging from nines to aces. Higher value symbols include the game’s four main characters.

As always, there are a couple of special symbols to watch out for as well. A door knocker is used as the scatter symbol; match two or more of these anywhere on the screen, and you’ll instantly win a prize. The Immortal Romance symbol acts as a wild symbol, doubling any wins it takes part in. It also can make its own winning combinations, which include some of the largest prizes available in the game.

Special Features on Immortal Romance

There are only two special features available in Immortal Romance – but what features they are! The first is known as Wild Desire. This feature is triggered entirely at random, and can occur during any spin. In this feature, you’ll get to watch as many as all five reels turn entirely wild, ensuring that you’ll win some huge prizes in that spin.

The more commonly accessed bonus is The Chamber of Spins, which is triggered each time you hit three or more scatter symbols during the same spin. This allows you access to one of four bonus rounds, each named after a different character from the game’s storyline. As you trigger the bonus round more often, you’ll unlock access to more of these bonus features. The four rounds are as follows:

Amber: In this game, you’ll earn 10 free spins, during which all wins feature a 5x multiplier.

Troy: In this version of the bonus round, you’ll receive 15 free spins. In addition, you’ll sometimes see the Vampire Bats feature, which randomly makes some symbols into 2x and 3x multipliers (for up to a 6x multiplier on some winning combinations).

Michael: This bonus game grants you instant access to 20 free spins. In addition, winning combinations will fall off the reels, making way for new symbols to fall into place, potentially triggering more wins. Each time this occurs, you’ll see an increasing multiplier applied to your winnings (up to 5x maximum).

Sarah: The last bonus round you’ll unlock will give you 25 free spins. This round also includes a Wild Vine feature, in which a Wild Vine symbol is added to the reel. This symbol can also turn a second symbol wild on the same reel.

Biggest Payouts in Immortal Romance

While there are a number of huge prizes available in Immortal Romance – especially in the game’s bonus rounds – the biggest awards on the reels themselves are attached to the game’s two rarest standard symbols. Five scatter symbols on a single payline will earn you 60,000 coins, while five Immortal Romance logos are worth 15,000. In total, the largest amount a player can possibly win on a single spin is over 3.6 million coins, if the screen were to be completely filled with a mix of Immortal Romance logos or other wild symbols (thus allowing you to win on all 243 possible combinations).

Theme and Presentation in Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance may have the most comprehensive presentation of any slot machine we’ve ever reviewed. That’s not to say that it has the best graphics or the most intense animations (we have reviewed the best 3D slots after all), though the game is certainly strong in those areas. Rather, this machine does everything right to evoke the theme of a vampire romance story. The characters are appropriate to the theme, the style of the machine itself and all of the icons and animations work perfectly, and the entire game seems like it could easily have been an officially licensed product for one of the more popular modern young adult vampire stories if you just changed the characters and plot points.

But what really comes across as an unexpected surprise is the game’s music. There are four different and full realized songs that you’ll hear during the course of play, one for each of the four special features available in the game. While you won’t exactly be running to iTunes to download the Immortal Romance soundtrack, these songs – while generic in composition – are exactly the types of tunes you’d expect to hear in a vampire romance movie.

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