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Epic battles, ancient weapons and the glory of the coliseum – it’s all part of the life of a gladiator. Well, that and almost certain death, of course. Gladiators were the revered athletes of their time, packing the stands with spectators who lived and died with the exploits of their favorite fighters and heroes. Well, sure, it was mostly the gladiators who did the dying…but you get the point.

In the Gladiator slot machine, you’ll experience all of the danger and excitement faced by an ancient Roman gladiator. Luckily, you won’t have to risk your life in order to earn a chance to win big in this game – though you might have to fight a battle or two along the way.


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Gladiator Slot Basics

Gladiator is a five-reel, 30 line slot machine from Betsoft Gaming. This game is a part of Betsoft’s 3D slot machine line, but doesn’t feature the extensive animations and graphics found in some of the Betsoft 3D slots. Instead, what you’ll find here is a fairly standard slot machine that simply adds a few extras that add a little extra depth and fun to an otherwise solid gambling experience.

In Gladiator, players must attempt to match three or more of the same symbol on any active payline. However, Gladiator features a little twist not found in most slot machine games. Rather than requiring that players match their symbols working from left to right across the reels, players can start from either end – doubling your chances to win. This actually makes playing the game a lot more exciting. In most slot machines, having no matches among the first two or three wheels is enough to know you’ve already lost. In Gladiator, there’s always the chance that you might catch a win on the back end of the reels even if you’re off to a bad start.

If you want to score big wins on the reels, you’ll want to hit the two main characters in the game: our hero and villain gladiators. In each case, hitting a full five of either warrior will earn you 400 credits for each coin bet on that payline. That’s up to 2,000 credits if you’ve played for the maximum of five coins per line!

Another feature in Gladiator that isn’t normally found in Betsoft 3D slot games is a scatter symbol. In this game, the coliseum is a scatter, meaning that you can win simply by hitting these symbols anywhere on the reels, even if they don’t line up on a particular payline. Hit five coliseums and you’ll earn the biggest prize available on the reels: 750 credits per coin wagered.

Special Features in Gladiator

Gladiator is loaded with special features that offer you additional ways to score big wins during the game. We’ve already talked about the scatter symbol, but there are at least three other symbols you’ll want to watch out for during play.

First, the Princess symbol can earn you some bonus wild wins if she shows up on the top line of any reel. When this occurs, you’ll trigger an animation where the princess throws rose petals down on the symbols below her on the same reel. Each of these symbols then turns into a 2x wild symbol. Not only can this trigger additional wins, but each of those wins will pay out at 2x the normal amount.

Even more wild action can occur when the Hero Gladiator symbol shows up anywhere on the center reel. When this occurs, a marble slab will cover the entire third reel, which the hero will then smash open to reveal an entire wild reel.

Hitting three or more door symbols on the same payline triggers an instant win bonus game. You’ll be prompted to select one of the doors, after which a number of credits will be awarded to you. You’ll be allowed to continue choosing new doors (each door closes after being opened, and the prizes are randomized each time), until you reveal a door that has a prize and the word COLLECT, at which point the bonus round will end. Since each door opened is worth hundreds of credits, it’s possible to rack up thousands in winnings during this bonus game!

Finally, the most complex bonus game is the Gladiator Battle game. This game begins whenever you hit the Hero, Coliseum and Villain symbols consecutively on the first three or middle three reels. You’ll instantly be transported to a new screen, where you’ll be prompted to choose which of the two gladiators you want to win in the upcoming battle.

Once you’ve made your choice, the battle will unfold in front of your eyes. Each time your fighter lands a blow or blocks an attack from his opponent, you’ll earn bonus coins. If your chosen gladiator knocks out his opponent, you’ll earn an even bigger reward.

Final Thoughts on Gladiator

Gladiator doesn’t get into the complex animations and over-the-top presentation that’s common in many of the Betsoft slots we’ve reviewed, but that doesn’t mean the game isn’t a whole lot of fun – it’s actually one of the best slots to play for real money. This game does everything a good slot machine should strive to do, from having a great theme to providing multiple different ways to win that always keep the game interesting.

If you’re at all interested in ancient Rome, there’s no doubt in our minds that you’ll love playing Gladiator. But even if you’re not, we recommend giving this fun, well-designed slots game a try.

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