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Playtech is one of the established names in the world of online slots. Founded in 1999 they now have over a decade of experience in providing games to online gambling sites – not only slots, but also other casino games, as well as bingo, poker, and sports betting solutions.

As one of the old hands in the online slots business, Playtech hasn’t been on the forefront of innovation when it comes to new slots technologies. However, that’s not to say that Playtech doesn’t have dozens of fun, engaging and interesting slot machines. Experience does come with benefits, and Playtech’s games are almost always fun to play. In addition, Playtech has secured licenses that allow them to offer games based on many popular movie and comic book franchises.

Playtech Slot Reviews

Playtech Marvel Slots

Perhaps the most well known Playtech slots are the Marvel slot machines. These games are based on some of the most popular Marvel Comics characters and superhero teams, bringing the action of each series to the realm of slot machines. Games in this line include Iron Man, Iron Man 2 (which is based directly on the film by the same name), X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Incredible Hulk and others.

There are two reasons why these particular games have become so incredibly popular. First, of course, is their association with such popular franchises. However, this goes a lot deeper than just slapping the name of a Marvel superhero on a slot machine and calling it a day. Each of these games features gameplay elements that are based on the stories, characters and themes from each property. This makes these games a whole lot more fun to play, especially if you’re already a fan of the characters depicted in each game.

One of the best examples of this is The Incredible Hulk. It would have been easy for Playtech to simply color the slot green, add in a few roaring sound effects and hulk icons, and call it a day. But instead, this game has feel to it that really emulates what you’d expect from any interactive product featuring The Incredible Hulk.

For instance, the Hulk symbol is wild, but if he lands in the very center of the middle reel, he’ll expand to create an entirely wild reel, which will then hold over for two additional spins. Hit that symbol on all three center reels, and the Hulk will rip through the reels to turn all three middle reels wild for that spin and one additional spin. Land the “Smash Bonus” symbols on both reels one and five, and you’ll be awarded with a bonus round in which the Hulk smashes police cars for bonuses, and helicopters to earn multipliers on your winnings. Each and every Marvel slot machine has features such as these that make them uniquely suited for the characters they represent.

The other reason why the Marvel slots have plenty of fans is the Marvel Jackpot. Each of the Marvel slots at Playtech feeds into this jackpot game, which can be awarded randomly at any time. In the jackpot game, players much reveal symbols by choosing between 20 squares, each of which hides an icon for one of the four jackpots that can be won: Power, Extra Power, Super Power, or the true jackpot, Ultimate Power. Once you’ve revealed three identical symbols for any of the four jackpots, you’ll be awarded that prize. These prizes aren’t small, either; the Ultimate Power jackpot was around $640,000 at the time of this writing.

Playtech Jackpot Slots

Playtech casinos offer players several options for chasing after major jackpots. Many of these jackpots are tied to the Marvel slots, which we’ll be talking about a bit later. But the largest jackpot of all – in fact, one of the largest jackpots in all of online gambling – is tied to the very popular Beach Life slot machine.

To give you an idea of just how large this jackpot is: at the time of this writing, a winning jackpot combination on Beach Life would pay out nearly $6.5 million. This is all the more surprising when you look at the slot, because the game looks rather unassuming graphically. The game is a standard five-reel, 20 line machine that uses beach-themed symbols. The graphics aren’t impressive, though they are stylish; the game looks like something out of a television show from the 1980s.

All of this belies the fact that you can win a life-changing jackpot during any spin on the machine. If you land five wild sun symbols on the 20th payline (you do have to play the maximum number of lines at $0.50 each in order to be eligible), the jackpot will instantly become yours. Of course, there are plenty of smaller prizes and bonus rounds that can also be accessed during gameplay – but if you’re playing Beach Life, you’re doing it to win the jackpot.

Other Playtech Slots

Beyond the slots mentioned above, there are several other Playtech slot machines worthy of special mention. There are a number of games based on movie licenses, such as the Rocky slot machine – which features clips from several of the Rocky movies – and Kong, a game that is based on the recent King Kong remake. If you’re into sports, games like the Top Trumps series feature some of the world’s top football (or soccer) stars, while the Deal or No Deal World slot machine uses game mechanics lifted right from the popular game show.

Not all of the Playtech slots are licensed properties, of course. There are a number of more casual slots you can try, from Gold Rally – another jackpot slot with a top prize of over $600,000 – to Rock ‘N’ Roller, a three-reel slot machine that features an old-fashioned rock and roll theme. Playtech has even been known to create games for holidays or other special occasions, such as Easter Surprise and Santa Surprise. While these games usually don’t feature the sharp graphics or the sheer number of special features you’ll find in the more polished licensed slots, they are generally charming, colorful, and a lot of fun to play.

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