Marvel Slots

Are you a fan of the X-Men? Can’t wait for the next Iron Man movie? Can’t wait for the next issue of the Incredible Hulk? Marvel Comics has become a cultural force around the world, not just in the world of comic books, but also in movies, games, toys, and merchandising.

Online gambling is no exception, as Playtech has licensed a number of different Marvel superheroes, crafting games around each of the characters and teams that have become so popular through comics and movies. These games are fun to play for everyone, but are especially popular among fans of Marvel Comics, who can fully appreciate the hard work that has been done to make these slot machines true to the source material. Whether you’ve loved Marvel’s characters for decades, or have just learned about them in their recent movies, you’ll likely enjoy continuing their adventures in these exciting slot machines.

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Marvel Slots Gameplay

Each of these games is unique in presentation and gameplay features. While all feed into the Marvel Jackpot system, the rest of the games are crafted to take full advantage of the material they’re based on.

For instance, take the X-Men slot machine. This machine features all of the heroes and villains of the comic book series, like Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Magneto. For the most part, thi game plays just like a regular slot machine; there are 25 paylines and five reels, and the goal is to match as many symbols as possible across your active paylines.

But beyond just the simple inclusion of characters from the comics, this game really captures the flavor of the X-Men in its bonus rounds. If you land three X-Men symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll trigger the Heroes vs. Villains bonus round. This game starts with the Heroes mode in effect. In this part of the game, you’ll be treated to unlimited free spins that are more lucrative than normal, as only the hero characters will appear on the reels.

However, there is one extra wild symbol on the center reel: Magneto. If this symbol appears, the game will switch over to Villains mode. Now, the reels will be filled with only villains, giving you just as good a chance to win as in Heroes mode. Unfortunately, in Villains mode, you’ll only have eight free spins until the game ends. It is possible to retrigger the unlimited Heroes mode by landing the sole Xavier symbol on the center reel. Once you’ve used up your eight Villains spins, however, the bonus round will finally end.

Another slot machine that does a great job with its source material is the Iron Man 2 game. Based on the film of the same name, Iron Man 2 takes the larger than life characters and suits and incorporates them into the slot machine by having icons that span two spaces on the reels. This machine features a free spins feature that begins with a 2x multiplier on all of your wins. However, each time you win, the multiplier will go up by one, meaning your wins will continue to increase in value throughout the ten free spins you’ll have.

Finally, let’s take a quick look at the Daredevil slot machine. This game features an interesting “bullseye” feature in which you may select any spot on the reels to place a target. If the criminal with the bullseye on their forehead appears on that spot as part of a winning combination, you’ll triple your winnings on that line! There’s also the standard free spins game, which comes complete with random wilds that are triggered after each spin.

Marvel Slots Jackpots

One of the biggest draws of the Marvel slots is the jackpot that can be won while playing any of the Playtech Marvel games. This jackpot is awarded entirely randomly; while betting more during a given spin will increase your odds of triggering the jackpot, there’s no special combination of symbols you should be on the lookout for while playing that will start the bonus round.

If you’re lucky enough to trigger the Marvel Jackpot game, you’ll be taken to a second screen that contains a grid of 20 squares. These squares each hide one of four symbols: Power, Extra Power, Super Power, or Ultimate Power. In this game, you’ll unlock squares one by one until you find three of any of the symbols. Once you’ve matched three, you’ll be awarded the prize associated with that jackpot. This can range from the Power Jackpot – which is usually worth just a few hundred dollars – to the Ultimate Power Jackpot, which is currently valued at more than $600,000. Of course, the lower value jackpots are easier to hit and are won more often. The jackpot is equally likely to be hit from any of the Marvel slots, meaning you can play whichever game you like most and still have a shot at winning.

Other Marvel Games at Playtech

While we mainly wanted to focus on the Marvel slots at Playtech, it’s worth noting that Playtech has used their licensing agreements in other ways too. At the moment, there’s one other Marvel game you’ll find in Playtech casinos: an Iron Man 2 scratch card game. In this game, you’ll scratch off a card with nine symbols in it, revealing a variety of suits, Tony Stark, and other symbols. The goal is to match three reactors in a row on any given line (essentially like tic-tac-toe), which will win you a prize. There’s a separate area on the card to scratch to find out how much you’ve won, with winnings of up to $10,000 possible. Cards are available in denominations ranging from $0.50 to $10, making this game accessible no matter what your budget looks like.

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