King Kong

King Kong is one of the classic monsters of the big screen. The 1933 film is one of the most famous films of the era, with the image of Kong himself at the top of the Empire State Building being one of the most iconic in film history. More recently, Peter Jackson’s 2005 remake was also well received, bringing modern film techniques to revive this legendary franchise.

The Kong: 8th Wonder of the World slot machine (which is available at the best Playtech casinos) is based on this most recent imagining of the King Kong legend. Featuring most of the same characters and locations as the film, this slot is a great way for fans to celebrate the movie while also giving them a chance to win more than a little cash along the way.

King Kong Slot Machine

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Basic Gameplay in King Kong

Kong is a 20-line, five reel slot machine that can be played at any Playtech casino – and it is one of the best real money slots around. In this game, players may choose to make bets ranging from a penny to $5 per line, making the maximum total bet on any one spin $100.

As is typical in most slot machines, the object of the game is to match identical symbols from left to right across your active paylines. Most of the symbols in Kong as the generic “poker rank” symbols, moving from nines and tens up through kings and aces. The higher value symbols are represented by characters from the movie, with some of these symbols earning as much as 1000 times the bet on that line.

One of the really cool parts about Kong is that the game is actually divided into two separate modes. The game begins in “Jungle Mode,” which takes place on Kong Kong’s home of Skull Island. Once you trigger and play the Skull Island bonus game, you’ll be moved into City Mode, which features a different backdrop, new music, and a different bonus round: the City Tower bonus game. Each time you complete either bonus game, you’ll move back to the other mode, which keeps play lively and refreshing rather than repetitive. Fore more information on bonus rounds please read this page:

In both modes, King Kong himself acts as the wild symbol, substituting for any of the normal symbols to make winning combinations. Also, the wild symbols themselves can combine to win you some huge prizes. In addition, there’s a scatter symbol on the reels; if you see the KONG: The 8th Wonder of the World logo three or more times on the reels, you’ll win an instant scatter prize equaling 5x to 100x times your wager for that spin (depending on the number of scatter symbols you hit), as well as trigger a bonus round in either game.

Special Features in King Kong

But most of the excitement from Kong: 8th Wonder of the World comes from the special features. As we mentioned earlier, there are different special features available in each of the game’s two modes, so we’ll tackle each of these games independently.

First, Jungle Mode gives you two opportunities to earn some bonus cash. The first occurs if you hit three or more of the Kong symbols anywhere on the reels in a given spin. This activates the Wild Jungle Respins mode, in which you earn three free spins. However, these spins aren’t entirely random; any time a wild symbol appears on the wheels, it remains locked into place, giving you a much better chance and landing some huge wins during play. Even better, there are additional wild symbols added to the reels, moving the odds even further in your favor. You can’t retrigger this feature during the free spins, but even three spins is usually enough to earn you some serious cash during this bonus round.

During Jungle Mode, you can also trigger the Skull Island Bonus if you hit three or more Kong logos anywhere on the reels. In this game, you’ll pick between many hidden locations on Skull Island to reveal one of the many monsters on the island. If you match three of the same dinosaur, you’ll immediately win 10 to 20 times your original bet for that spin. Find the one and only King Kong on the map, however, and you’ll win a 30x prize instead!

Similar bonuses are available in Big City Mode. Hit three or more Kong symbols and you’ll earn three free spins. On each spin, multiple reels will be entirely wild: the 1st and 5th reels on the first spin, reels two and four on the second spin, and reels one, three and five on the final spin. Match three or more Kong logos, and you’ll get to play the City Tower Bonus, in which you’ll take the role of King Kong himself, standing atop a tower and swatting at planes that are attacking you. You’ll get three chances to take down a plane, each of which will grant you with a special prize.

Top Payouts on King Kong

If you want to get the biggest possible prize on the Kong slot machine, you’ll be hoping to match five of the wild Kong symbols on the same payline. This pays out an incredible 3,000 credits, or up to $15,000 if you’re playing for the maximum of $5 per line. We should also mention that hitting five scatter symbols is worth 100x the entire bet you made on a spin; if you’ve bet $5 on each of 20 lines, that makes this prize worth $10,000 itself.

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