Iron Man 2

After the Iron Man film brought new life to the classic Marvel Comics series, Iron Man 2 took the film franchise to entirely new heights. With an all-star cast and incredible action sequences, Iron Man 2 was one of the hit films of 2010. Playtech’s Iron Man 2 slots capture the larger-than-life action of the films by using a combination of huge prizes, engaging bonus rounds and some huge symbols on the reels.

Iron Man 2 Slot Machine

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Iron Man 2 Slot Gameplay

Iron Man 2 is a 50-line, five reel slot machine offered at Playtech online casinos. This machine allows players to wager up to ten coins per line; with coins ranging in value from $0.01 to $5, it’s possible to wager as much as $2,500 on a single spin if you so desire, though that’s certainly not necessary to enjoy the game.

The object of the game is to match identical symbols across the active paylines that you’re paying, moving left-to-right across the reels. There are a total of nine standard symbols that instantly award prizes, along with a couple of special symbols that either have special effects or can trigger bonus rounds.

One of the most innovative features in Iron Man 2 is the gigantic symbols that actually cover two spots on the reels. These really bring an epic feel to the game, as each of these symbols represents one of the fighting suits from the film, including Iron Man and some of his opponents. While these symbols appear as one picture on the screen, they work essentially as two separate symbols; for instance, the top half of a fighting suit will only match with the top half on the next reel, so mixing and matching won’t win you prizes.

These “stacked” symbols represent the lower-value prizes in the game. Larger prizes can be won by matching some of the film’s human characters. The most valuable of all is Tony Stark, portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr., who reprised his role from the first Iron Man film.

There are also a couple of special symbols you’ll want to keep an eye out for on the reels. The first is the Wild symbol. This icon will substitute for all of the symbols we’ve already mentioned, helping to make winning combinations. In addition, it acts as its own winning symbol: match two or more wild symbols in a row and you’re in good shape to win a large prize.

Another important symbol is the Iron Man 2 logo, which acts as a scatter symbol. Match two or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, and you’ll won a prize equal to a multiple of your wager on that spin, up to 100x your wager if you hit a full five logos.

Iron Man 2 – Special Features

Iron Man 2 is not big on special features, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few surprises hidden in this game. The main bonus round in this slot is triggered when you hit three or more of the logo scatters on a single spin. This triggers a bonus round in which you’ll receive ten free spins. However, these are no ordinary free spins; the game begins with a 2x multiplier, and after every two spins, the multiplier moves up by one (to 3x, then 4x, and so on). In addition, these spins will feature a bonus wild symbol that is fixed in the center position of the middle reel throughout all of the free spins, making these spins extremely lucrative for players.

Presentation in Iron Man 2

Unlike the Iron Man slot machine, which is based on the comic book series, Iron Man 2 is definitely lifted straight from the movie of the game name. This game features imagery from the films, including pictures of three different main characters. The slot itself has a modern look and feel, both in terms of the colors and the style of the art used to represent the many fighting suits depicted. As with the other Iron Man game at Playtech casinos, music and sound are minimal, but feature the kinds of up-tempo music you’d expect from an action movie (or game).

Biggest Prizes in Iron Man 2

One of the largest prizes available on the reels comes from hitting five wild symbols on a single payline. This combination pays 3,000 credits for each coin wagered. Since it’s possible to wager up to $50 on a single line, you can conceivably win up to $150,000 on a single payline. If you’re a high-stakes player and you wager the maximum of $2,500 on a single spin, it’s actually possible to win even more by landing five scatter symbols anywhere on the reels: this will pay 100x your wager, or up to $250,000.

Of course, the largest prize of all comes from the linked Marvel Jackpot game that can be triggered from any Marvel slot machine. This game is triggered at random, and can be activated regardless of the outcome of any given spin. Through this game, it’s possible to win the Ultimate Jackpot, which – at the time of this writing – is worth nearly $700,000!

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