NetEnt Slots

Head to any Net Entertainment casino, and you’ll quickly notice that slots are a point of emphasis. The NetEnt slots collection comprises over 60 different games, each of which has a unique look and feel. With a variety of jackpots, three and five reel games, and numerous machines that offer special features and bonus rounds, NetEnt’s slot machines are designed so that everyone should be able to find a machine that’s just right for them.

NetEnt Slots Selection

At the time of this writing, NetEnt offers over 100 different slot machines, covering a wide range of themes and styles. Most of these games are five-reel machines with sharp graphics (including several top 3D slots), though a number of three-reel games are also available for players who prefer the simpler and more traditional gameplay they offer.

A perfect example of these more traditional games is Lucky 8 Line, a three-reel game that features all of the symbols, sound effects, and graphics one would expect to find on a classic mechanical slot, only placed in the casings of a video slot machine. You’ll find yourself matching fruits, bells and bar symbols, all of the traditional symbols that have been used on slot machines dating back as far as the 1800s.

But, of course, there’s a little extra action to be found on this machine. As the name would suggest, you can actually play up to eight different paylines at once, and each line can be played for up to eight coins. Making the maximum bet also opens up some additional special prizes that can be won based on the symbols that land on the reels. For instance, hitting multiple sevens anywhere on the machine can win you a bonus, as can hitting all of the same (or similar) symbols.

While these three-reel games can be fun, most of the NetEnt slots collection is made up of modern, five-reel video slots. A great example of one of the more basic five-reel games is Fishy Fortune, an undersea-themed game that features up to ten paylines. There are no major special features in this game, with the exception of a free spins game that is triggered any time you hit three or more scatter symbols. While this game features a small local jackpot that can be hit if you should hit five octopus symbols, the real prize comes when you hit five wild treasure chests on the same line, which is worth 10,000 times the amount you bet on that line.

Best NetEnt Slots

While there are a number of exciting slots that can be played at NetEnt casinos, a couple games in particular stand out from the crowd.

The first and most obvious choice is Frankenstein, the lone licensed slots property you’ll find at NetEnt casinos. This game was produced along with Universal Studios in order to celebrate the 1931 film that was based on Mary Shelley’s novel of the same name. Frankenstein is a 20-line, five-reel slot machine in which the classic poker ranking symbols are mixed with characters from the film. While any match will win you a small prize, the biggest rewards come from hitting five of Dr. Frankenstein or his monster, with The Monster himself earning you up to 1,500 credits if you should match five on a single payline.

Frankenstein also has a couple of interesting bonus features that are mostly based around the game’s wild symbols. During normal gameplay, you’ll have a chance to hit Lightning Wild symbols on the second, third and fourth reels. These wilds not only substitute for any other symbols and help make winning combinations, but they will also make two or more adjacent symbols wild as well.

Hitting three or more scatter symbols on the reels at any time will earn you ten free spins, leading to even more potential rewards. The lightning wilds will be replaced by Fire Wild symbols, and you’ll be guaranteed to hit at least one on each spin. Just like the lightning wilds, they’ll cause nearby symbols to turn wild as well, increasing your winnings. During your free spins, you’ll also have the chance to hit multiplier symbols that can reach as high as 5x, further boosting your winnings on each spin.

Of course, Frankenstein isn’t the only slot machine worth playing in NetEnt casinos. Several of the original NetEnt games are very inventive and fun to play. A great example is Ghost Pirates, a game that features a theme combining a Pirates of the Caribbean-style ghost ship with monkeys, parrots and other characters that you’ll find throughout the game. In addition, Ghost Pirates features a unique take on the “all ways” betting system that has become increasingly popular; in this game, players can choose to play anywhere between three and 243 lines, with players getting a better value for their bets if they choose to play a higher number of lines.

NetEnt Progressive Jackpots

NetEnt casinos have access to some of the world’s largest jackpots, including the Mega Fortune jackpot slot. This slot game paid out the largest jackpot in the history of online gambling, as a Norwegian student won €11,736,228 on a single spin. Incredibly, this jackpot wasn’t just highly unlikely, but it was also won by a player who rarely played slot machines; he was simply taking advantage of a free spin promotion he received from Betsson Casino.

But that’s far from the only jackpot you’ll find on NetEnt slot machines. There are about a dozen different jackpot slots found at NetEnt casinos, giving you numerous chances to win a big prize. Many of these jackpots, such as the one found on the Gold Rush slot machine, are “local jackpots.” This means that each individual NetEnt casino funds their own jackpot, which can only be won at that site.

Conversely, games like Mega Fortune use a pooled jackpot. This means that all NetEnt sites contribute to the same jackpot, allowing players the chance to win massive prizes no matter which NetEnt site they play on. In addition to Mega Fortune, both Hall of Gods and Arabian Nights feature pooled jackpots, and regularly have prizes over more than €2 million.

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