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Champion of the Track Game Information

If you like horse racing you’ll love this slot machine. Inspired by a horse track, it has awesome game play and offers excellent opportunities to win while reminding you of a trip to the track. Champion of the Track, brought to you by Net Entertainment, is a five reel slot with 30 pay lines.

Champion of the Track

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Champion of the Track Gameplay and Symbols

All of the symbols on Champion of the Track are based on things you’d find and see at a horse track, including the basic icons of horse shoes, jockeys, stopwatches, and blue rosettes. The colored jockeys have the lowest value, and the other items have varied value.

The graphics are elegant and game like, which matches up well with the board game style theme of the game. To add atmosphere, the background sound puts you solidly in mind of being at a race track. Net Entertainment has done a great job with the ambient sounds of race day.

Our champion of the track, who is the wild icon, is a radiant and white toothed smiling jockey, who flashes his bright teeth for all the reporters to see. They snap up photos and then spin a front page headlined newspaper outwards towards the player, to bathe you in wild glory. The scatter symbol is a basic horse icon and the bonus race feature icon is a golden trophy.

The bonus feature graphics aren’t spectacular; you just watch four horses racing along a track from a side on view, with each horse having their own lane.

Champion of the Track Bonus Features

A Day at the Races Bonus: You can enter a bonus feature by getting three Gold Trophies in a row. All three symbols must be on the first three reels and if you get the first two, the third reel speeds and blurs with whirling sound effects to build the excitement. You select a jockey out of four options for the race and if you come first, second, or third you win, plus you also advance on the career track, up to four places.

Career Track Bonus: The career track bonus is set up like a board game and you slowly work your way up the board, which is around the outside of the reels. If you reach the end you’ll be awarded the Career Cup, and a bonus prize. Additionally, you can win Golden Cups on the way which will award a mystery win. Your progress along the career track will last up to 48 hours, so you can leave the game and come back and still progress.

If this isn’t enough, there’s also the scatter symbol indicated by the horse icon. These give you Scatter wins (total bet x multipliers). Also, when you get three or more scatters anywhere on the reels you’ll get 10 free Spins.

If you’re lucky enough to get free spins, all your wins will be multiplied by 2. During free spins you also enter a training session. During this training session if you get another scatter symbol, your horse will pass another horse. If this occurs five times you progress a career step, get 10 more free spins, and the training sessions restarts. This is a great opportunity to go on a dream run.

Champion of the Track Conclusion

Champion of the Track is not necessarily champion of the slots. The sounds are OK and while the graphics aren’t spectacular, I get the feeling they weren’t meant to be. The board game theme means the graphics are meant to be simple, like they would be if this were actually a board game.

Aesthetics aside, you can win a lot on this slot, and isn’t that the main reason we play? The bonus features are good and you’ll find a lot of ways to win.

The career track feature adds incentive to keep playing and progressing. The free spin bonus has great potential for retriggering and really building up a nice win. Overall, this slot is good fun and good value.

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