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Frankenstein Game Information

It’s alive, it’s alive! Based on the classic cult movie released in 1931, the Frankenstein slot machine will have you running to hide under the bed sheets. The slot has cool game play and excellent features.

Brought to you by Net Entertainment, Frankenstein is a five reel slot with 20 pay lines. You can wager denominations of 0.01 to 0.50 per pay line, and bet 1 up to 10 coins per pay line. The minimum bet is 0.01 and the maximum is 100 per spin.


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Frankenstein Gameplay and Symbols

The icons in this slot are detailed and electrifying. You’ll find the most popular Frankenstein characters including The Monster, Dr. Frankenstein, Fritz, and The Brain. The themed icons are action based portraits and they rotate when you hit a win revealing a different action shot. The rest of the symbols are basic eroding grey numbers (A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9).

You’ll also find wild icons which convert two or more other icons into wilds also, known as ‘Linked Wilds’, which increases your likelihood of a big win. The lightning wild appears on reels two, three, and four during normal spins. If you hit this wild it shoots out lightning and converts other icons into wilds. You can also hit fire wilds in the free spins round which you activate by hitting three scatter symbols. Learn more about the scatter bonus in the bonus features section below.

The sounds in Frankenstein are awesome, from lightning cracking to fireballs, they really add to the atmosphere of the game. The ambient sound track is creepy and really puts you in a darkened and scary laboratory on the top of a rocky mountain.

Frankenstein Bonus Features

Frankenstein Burning Free Spins Bonus: The scatter symbol is a windmill which makes a cool sound and gets struck by lightning when you get it. It’s also identified by the free spin text down the bottom of the icon. You’ll get Scatter wins (total bet x multipliers) and the awarded free spins are good. They become even better because of the fire wilds.

If you get two scatter icons the whirling and sounds begin, to build that anticipation in the hope of hitting free spins! If you’re lucky enough to get three symbols you’ll get 10 free spins. All free spins are multiplied up to a huge five times, depending on the multiplier you get on the fifth reel.

You’ll start at 1x and then each time you hit the 1x symbol on the fifth reel your multiplier increases, with a maximum of five times. Also, you can re-trigger free spins during the round by hitting two scatter symbols for five extra spins, or three scatter symbols for 10 extra spins.

What makes the free spins rounds even more lucrative is the guaranteed fire wild icon, which will convert two or more neighboring icons into wilds and turn the reels into a searing inferno.

The cut scenes between the main reel and the free spins are great too, as you get to watch on as the towns folk wield their pitchforks and march upon the windmill to burn the place down.

You can win big during this round, which makes up somewhat for the fact there is no bonus feature game.

Frankenstein Conclusion

This is one of the best slots I’ve reviewed. Initially I was a bit disappointed with no bonus feature game, but the more I played, the more I realized you don’t really need it.

The gameplay and free spin rounds are just that good. Net Entertainment has really nailed the atmosphere that really makes a themed slot work. The cut-scenes between the free spins, as well as when you first start playing, really put you in Frankenstein’s lab. Definitely take a look at the Frankenstein slot, for an exciting and scary experience.

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