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Neon Staxx Game Information

Break out the spandex and neon; it’s time to get your 80’s retro on! The Neon Staxx slot machine, brought to you by Net Entertainment, has some great gameplay, nice sounds, and excellent features.

It’s a five reel and four row machine with 40 pay lines, although bets are calculated at 20 lines. The minimum amount per spin is 20 coins and the max is 200, and coin value ranges from 0.01 to 0.50.

Neon Staxx

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Neon Staxx Gameplay and Symbols

This slots game really layers on the neon. Everything on the slot face is shiny and bright and all the colors could be described by saying electric, lightning, or fluorescent. The darker background is of a mountain and city with lightning striking, of course all in neon.

You’ll find four neon animal icons of a Lion, Puma, Eagle, and a Cobra. These icons are awesomely designed in old-school 3D style and bright neon colors with a glass cutting effect. The rest of the symbols are bright neon numbers (A, K, Q and J).

Wild icons are indicated by a golden disc icon with bright electric pink text over the top and when you hit the wild the rings rotate. If you hit three or more wilds you get an automatic win also.

The sounds in Neon Staxx are pretty cool, and for those of you who lived through the 80’s the synthesizer sound track will certainly take you back to those nostalgic, and sometimes regrettable, days. The slot sounds a quite good also, but it is really the looped synth that makes it all.

Neon Staxx Bonus Features

Scatter Free Spins Bonus: The scatter symbol is a pink triangle on a light blue disc and dots. When you hit the scatter it spins and makes a dinging noise. If you get two scatters the remaining reels speed up and start spinning faster in the hope of hitting those free spins.

Unfortunately, the scatter icons do not award any wins when you hit them, but the awarded free spins certainly make up for this. With 3 scatters you get 10 spins, 4 scatters awards you 15 spins, and 5 scatters gives you 20 free spins.

The scatter icons won’t appear during the free spin round however, so you can’t retrigger for more free spins. At the start of the free spin round you get to randomly choose a super stack symbol which will feature most prominently in your free spins. You’ll then be taken to a neon-purple blazed technical design background with some new synth tunes to spin your way to a big win. The wild icon is available as your super stack symbol in the free spin round, so if you hit that get ready to hopefully win big.

The Super Staxx Feature: With this feature you can stack icons on single reels, meaning you can cover a whole reel in one icon, including the wilds. The only icon you can’t super stack is the scatter. If you cover a whole reel in one icon it flashes and dings. This feature really does give you a good opportunity to win big during normal spins, especially if you’re lucky enough to cover all reels in one icon, or hit multiple reels of wilds.

Neon Staxx Conclusion

This is a really awesome slot machine. When you play you almost forget you’re gaming.

The music and design is so flashy and eye-catching you almost get caught in an 80’s trance. It’s a truly retro slot, but the design, gameplay, and graphics still feel futuristic.

The Super Staxx feature presents the opportunity for a big win, and the automatic 20 (or 40) lines that you can bet on for just a small amount makes the game accessible to the low rollers too. This is a very enjoyable slot to play, and the music, although repetitive, is just so good to listen to.

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