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Blood Suckers Game Information

Blood Suckers is a 5-reel, max 25-payline slot from NetEnt. The theme of this game is those most fearsome folk of the night – vampires. It’s your job during the game to hunt down the guys and gals who like to sleep in coffins, who avoid ordering garlic bread with their pizzas and for whom even the merest glint of sunlight is a definite pain in the neck. These people may order their steak on the ‘rare’ or even ‘raw’ side, but the only ‘stake’ you’re interested in (apart from the stake when paying to play the game) is the one you need to hammer through their hearts.

Blood Suckers

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Blood Suckers Gameplay & Symbols

All the symbols in this game are of a blood-sucking nature, with depictions from images of vampires throughout history, from Nosferatu and Vlad Dracula to a more modern-looking vampire (okay, 1800s) sipping from a glass of the old red.

There are a total of 25 possible paylines, and all 25 are selectable, giving you complete control of the game. The minimum number of identical symbols you need to land to secure a win is three, and you need to land them on an active pay line and from the left-hand reel. The lowest prize-yielder is a bulb of garlic (that actually looks like a bare backside) or a crossbow, both of which will double your bet-per-line. The biggest prize in normal play is for five neck-nibbling wild symbols, which returns 2,500x.

Your coin value can be anything from 0.01 to 0.50, and your bet level is selectable as well from one to four. The higher the level you choose, the more you can win. Your final bet is your coin value x your bet level x the number of lines you have in play, which means your minimum bet is (0.01 x 1 x 1 =) 0.01 and your maximum is (0.50 x 4 x 25 =) 50.00.

Once you’re ready to take on the blood-sucking challenge, hit the spin button. If you land a prize, the symbols will animate briefly to celebrate your ‘vampiric’ victory.

Blood Suckers Bonus Features

Blood Suckers Wild Symbol: A vampire who’s about to get very friendly with a bare-necked blonde acts as the wild symbol. If you land two of these in sequence, you win a jackpot, and the symbol substitutes for all other symbols aside from the scatter and bonus symbols.

Free Spins Scatter Symbol: The scatter symbol is a sharped-tooth bride who seems to want a little more than to ‘kiss the bride(groom)’. Scatters can appear anywhere on the reels to win, and you only need two for a x2 cash boost. If you land three or more, you’re immediately granted ten free spins. All jackpots secured during free spins are multiplied by three.

Bonus Symbols and Bonus Game: The bonus symbol is a very bloody stake and a hammer. You need to land at least three in sequence on an active pay line to trigger the bonus game.

In the bonus game you need to creep to the crypt to get hammering and stake-out a few deadly blood suckers. There are twelve coffins in the crypt and you need to open each in turn to have a heart-to-heart, or rather a stake-to-heart, and hammer your point home with a vicious vamp. If you open a coffin to reveal a vampire, you are rewarded for your hammering with a tasty cash prize.

If, however, a vampire has managed to get wind of your deadly intentions, when you open a coffin you will find it empty aside from a handful of absconding bats. At this point your bonus game ends and you are awarded whatever cash you have amassed so far. Typically, around nine of the coffins hide vampires, and three are temporary home to your batty friends.

Blood Suckers Conclusion

While NetEnt is famed for it’s ‘3D’ slots such as Gonzo’s Quest and Jack & the Beanstalk, this slot belongs at the simpler, more traditional end of the slots market, and will appeal to those who just like to get the reels spinning and their bankroll boosted.

It’s definitely an online slot with some bite! Just don’t play it alone, at night, and in the dark!

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