Every kid goes through a phase where they love dinosaurs. Who hasn’t had a time when they weren’t fascinated by these monsters of the ancient past? While dinosaurs are now long gone, with only a few fossilized skeletons remaining to give us a clue as to what they may have looked like, their huge bodies and long reign as the dominant creatures on our planet still leave us imagining what it would be like to see one roaming in the wild today.

In the T-Rex slot machine, the world of the dinosaurs is used as the stage for a game in which you can win large sums of money. And of course, the biggest prizes of all come from the king of the dinosaurs, the T-Rex himself.

T-Rex Slot

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Basic Gameplay in T-Rex

T-Rex is a five-reel, 25-line slot machine that can be found in the top RTG casinos. This machine is classified as a high volatility game, meaning that you’re somewhat more likely to hit streaks of wins and losses than in an average slot machine. Players can wager up to $5 per line, allowing you to bet up to $125 on each spin.

The object of the game is to match symbols from left to right across your active paylines. As in many Real Series slots games, the lower-value symbols are represented by the same ranks you’d find on playing cards, ranging from nines and tens through queens, kings and aces. For these symbols, three-of-a-kind is necessary in order to score a win.

Larger prizes are attached to symbols that are a part of the machine’s theme, including volcanoes, plants, and the dinosaurs themselves. For these symbols, only two in a row is necessary in order to trigger a win, though you’ll need to hit three to win anything significant.

There are also two special symbols that are critical to winning the biggest possible prizes in T-Rex. The first, not surprisingly, is the T-Rex himself! T-Rex only appears on the third reel during normal play, but works as a substitute symbol. The T-Rex symbol can complete any winning combination; in addition, wins that utilize the T-Rex are automatically doubled.

There is also an egg symbol that acts as a scatter. If you hit two or more eggs anywhere on the reels, you’ll instantly trigger a win that will range from one to 200 times the total amount you wagered on the triggering spin.

Special Features of T-Rex

The main special feature in T-Rex is a free spins bonus game that is triggered each time you hit three or more egg symbols anywhere on the reels. When this occurs, you’ll be prompted to “open” the eggs on the screen. Each egg will reveal up to ten free spins; these spins will be totaled, and then immediately awarded to you.

During these free spins, there’s one additional reward that can greatly increase your winnings. If a T-Rex appears on the third reel, it will “eat” any other dinosaur symbols that are on the reels. Not only will this result in some huge wins thanks to all the wild symbols that will now be on the reels, but the T-Rex itself comes with some dinosaur-sized prizes that can only be won during the free spins feature.

Biggest Payouts on T-Rex

There are several large prizes that can be won during play in T-Rex. First, the Stegosaurus symbol is worth 5,000 credits if you can match five of them on the same payline. When this combination comes with a T-Rex on reel three, it doubles in value to 10,000 credits, or up to $50,000 if you’re playing for the maximum bet. This same prize can be earned if you hit five T-Rex symbols during the free spins round.

In addition, there is a random progressive jackpot that can be won after any spin, regardless of whether any prizes were won during that spin. While this jackpot is not especially large, it has been known to grow to $5,000 or more, which can come as a very nice surprise when you’re least expecting it.

Theme and Presentation in T-Rex

It’s pretty obvious that the theme of T-Rex is based on dinosaurs and the world they lived in. For the most part, the graphics and sounds are on the same level as other games in the RTG Real Series lineup. This means that you can expect a pretty basic presentation; there aren’t many fancy animated sequences, and there’s no music to speak of.

That said, this game does have its moments. If you have the sound on the first time the T-Rex makes his appearance as part of a winning combination, you (and any pets or people in the room with you) are likely to be surprised by the sudden dinosaur roar coming from your computer. And while that might be the only small animation in the game, the illustrations of the game’s other dinosaurs are also well-done, and definitely a step above the standard drawings seen in most RTG games.

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