Progressive Slots

While playing slots is always fun, it’s never more fun than when you’re winning a big prize. Best of all is when you win a jackpot – the kind of prize that can instantly change your life.

The biggest jackpots in the world of online casinos are progressive jackpots. There are a variety of different progressive slots offered at different online casinos, with prizes ranging from a few thousand dollars to several million. Keep reading to find out where the largest jackpots can be found, and how you can put yourself in the best position possible to win a progressive slots jackpot!

How Progressive Slots Work

Progressive jackpots generally fit into one of two categories. In some cases, you can win a jackpot just by hitting the right symbols on the reels. In these games, you’ll often need to match the maximum number of a special symbol on the center payline. Typically, you’ll also have to play for the maximum number of coins in order to win the entire jackpot; if you play for less, you’ll only be eligible for a smaller prize or a percentage of the jackpot.

Recently, random jackpots have become a more popular way of awarding progressive jackpots. In this method, you have the potential to win a progressive slots jackpot at any time and on any spin, no matter what the results of that spin were. You can improve your chances of winning that jackpot by wagering more on your spin, but even spending a single penny is enough to give you a chance at winning the grand prize. These games usually offer smaller random jackpots as well that are hit more frequently.

Progressive jackpots are mostly funded by the players themselves. On every spin, a percentage of your wager goes into the progressive jackpot, increasing the amount that will be won by the eventual winner. When the jackpot is eventually won, a certain percentage (or set amount) of the jackpot is held back as a “seed” for the next jackpot; this means that winners of progressive jackpots often don’t take 100% of the listed jackpot value, since the seed money is held in reserve. In other cases, the entire jackpot is awarded, with the casino itself putting up the seed money for each jackpot.

Since progressive jackpots are not skill-based, there really aren’t any strategies you can employ to win these jackpots more often. No matter the size of the jackpot, each spin has the same chance of triggering a prize; the jackpot is never “due” to be hit. That said, it’s definitely more profitable to play on machines in which the jackpot is exceptionally large. If you keep an eye on several progressive slots and see one that has grown substantially higher than it usually gets, that’s definitely a good machine to play. While your odds of winning won’t have increased, the larger jackpots can definitely make playing a slot much more profitable.

Where to Find Progressive Slots

Most of the top online casino software companies now offer slots with large progressive jackpots. Perhaps the largest of all belongs to Microgaming, which is the creator of the Mega Moolah progressive slot machine. Mega Moolah has paid out jackpots as large as €6,374,434.

Other casino networks also offer great progressive jackpot options. For instance, RTG casinos offer a game called Jackpot Piñatas that (at the time of this writing) offers a jackpot of over $1.7 million. Over at BetSoft, games like Pharaoh King and The Ghouls routinely award jackpots worth thousands of dollars – meaning that while the jackpots are smaller, they’re also hit more often.

These days, progressive jackpots are offered at virtually every single online casino in operation. No matter what size jackpot you’re hoping to win, there are plenty of casinos offering slot machines that can instantly make you rich!

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