Caesars Empire

Hail Caesar! The glory of Rome is yours for the taking in Caesar’s Empire, a Real Series slot machine by Realtime Gaming. This machine features a number of lucrative symbol combinations as well as a couple of different features that can be activated right on the reels. It’s hardly the most complex slot, and if you like playing exciting 3D slots, you might be a little disappointed. However, for those who like a solid slots experience without a lot of unnecessary or confusing frills, Caesar’s Empire should hit the spot nicely.

Caesars Empire Slot Machine

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Caesar’s Empire Slot Gameplay

Caesar’s Empire is a five-reel, 20-line slot machine that can be found at Real Time Gaming casino sites. Players can choose to play each line for a bet of anywhere between $0.01 and $5, allowing plenty of flexibility depending on your slots budget. RTG classifies Caesar’s Empire as a High volatility game, meaning that both good and bad streaks will be more common, but there’s also the chance to get lucky and win a very large prize on any given spin.

In Caesar’s Empire, players attempt to match symbols from left to right across their active paylines. There are a total of ten different standard symbols, starting with the poker rank symbols you’ll find in most RTG slot games, and moving up through some recognizable Roman images, such as helms or swords and shields. The most lucrative symbol of all is the most famous woman in all of history, Cleopatra. For the lower value symbols, you’ll need to hit three in a row to win a prize; for several of the bigger symbols, just two will do.

There are also two special symbols that have an impact on the game. First, there are the Caesar coin symbols. This symbol acts as a wild substitute, helping to score you wins when combined with other symbols (or scoring wins on its own). When the Caesar symbol appears in a winning combination with any other symbol, it tripled the amount you’d normally win! For instance, while three queens would normally be worth five credits, you’ll earn 15 if there’s a wild Caesar as part of your winning combination.

Next up is the famous Coliseum, which acts as this machine’s scatter symbol. If you hit two or more of these symbols anywhere on the reels, you’ll win a prize equal to a multiple of the total amount you wagered on your spin. This can be as little as 1x if you hit two of these symbols, to 100x if you manage to hit five coliseums.

Special Features in Caesar’s Empire

As we mentioned at the top of this article, there isn’t much in the way of bonus rounds in Caesar’s Empire (check out our article on slots with bonus rounds to see what slots offer them). However, there is one free spins game that can potentially be very valuable. If you can hit at least one Caesar symbol (which only appears on the first four reels) along with a Coliseum symbol on the 5th reel, you’ll activate the Free Game feature. In this game, you’ll be treated to ten free spins, during which all of your winnings will be doubled. In addition, Caesar will now appear on all five reels, and all of the Coliseum scatter symbols will be turned into either Caesar or Cleopatra instead. Best of all, each time you see a Caesar symbol you’ll earn five extra bonus spins!

Biggest Payouts on Caesar’s Empire

There are a number of ways you can win big in Caesar’s Empire, but the highest value symbol is definitely Cleopatra. If you match five Cleopatra symbols on one of your paylines, you’ll win 2,500 times the amount you wagered. For a full $5 bet, that’s a win of $12,500! Remember, though, that the Caesar symbol can triple a winning combination. If you can slip Caesar into the row of Cleopatra symbols, you’ll actually win 7,500 credits, or up to $37,500. Another way to win big is to hit five scatter symbols. If you’ve made the maximum bet on all 20 lines ($100 in total), hitting five scatters is worth $10,000.

Caesars Empire Theme and Presentation

As with most of the RTG Real Series slots, presentation isn’t really a point of emphasis. That’s not to say that Caesar’s Empire is ugly by any means; the game is perfectly easy on the eyes, and has a nice bright color scheme. All of the icons and text are large enough to read easily, which is a great touch for those with eyesight that’s less than perfect. However, there aren’t any fancy animations here, nor will you hear any particularly inspiring music while playing. In the end, Caesar’s Empire is a fairly standard slot when it comes to graphics and sound.

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