Themed Slots

When slot machines were first developed, there wasn’t much in the way of extras that came along with the games themselves. You matched a few symbols, collected some coins, and hoped to hit a jackpot. The action itself was great, but that’s all it was – a game that had the potential to earn you a few bucks if the right combination of bars or sevens fell into place.

But over time, slot machine developers found that they could get players more interested in their games if they added some extra features to make things more interesting. The easiest way to do this was by adding themes to their games, making the machines more than just lifeless gambling devices. Themed slot machines are now the norm, with very few online slots lacking some sort of theme – and most going much further, incorporating thematic elements into their gameplay to increase your enjoyment.

What are Themed Slot Machines?

A themed slot machine is any slots game that features some kind of theme: whether that’s a focus on some culture, a game featuring elements of a particular sport, or anything else that someone could build a game around. Unless a game uses the classic generic symbols like fruits, bars, bells or sevens exclusively, chances are that you’re playing some kind of themed slot machine.

Some of the elements of a themed slot machine are fairly universal. You can expect to see the symbols used in a themed game to have something to do with that theme. For instance, if you’re playing a football (soccer) themed slot machine, you’ll likely see balls, players, goals, red cards and other symbols that fit the football theme.

In addition, if the game has special features, they’ll almost always revolve around that theme. In our hypothetical football themed slot machine, for instance, you might play a bonus game that has you trying to shoot or save penalty kicks. Don’t worry, you probably won’t need any skills to do well in these bonus features; most of the time the results are random, and the theme only serves to make playing the game a little more fun while you win a few extra credits.

More recently, some games have taken even further steps in order to explore their themes. Games such as those in the Betsoft 3D slots line use animations, voice actors, and extensive 3D graphics in order to fully flesh out their themes, turning these games into a cinematic experience that will draw you into the game’s world. In some of these games, enjoying the characters and the stories you’ll encounter during play is almost as fun as winning prizes!

Licensed Slot Machines

Perhaps the most exciting type of themed slot machine is the licensed slot. These games feature licenses from famous movies, video games, television shows and comics, allowing you to enjoy your favorite franchises while also winning big prizes.

These games work by incorporating the characters and elements of these licensed properties into the slot machines. For instance, if you play one of the many Marvel Comics slots, you’ll be placed in the shoes of your favorite superheroes. Not only will you match symbols that look just like your favorite characters, but you’ll likely play bonus rounds that have you battling villains and saving the world.

Games based on movies and television shows can take this even further. These games often feature sound and video clips from the films they’re based on, allowing you to relive your favorite parts of these stories. In some slots, like the new Lord of the Rings slot machines, the entire game is given a cinematic feel by having video from the films constantly looping in the background of the game.

Why Play Themed Slots?

Simply put, themed slots are designed to appeal to fans of the themes they use. If you’re in a Christmas frame of mind, you can be sure there are Christmas-themed slots you can play. Love farms? Find a slot machine featuring barnyard animals. If you’re a big fan of the X-Men, a machine featuring the adventures of the mutant superheroes will keep you entertaining for hours.

But even if you’re not into a theme, just having one can make a game a little more interesting than a generic machine would normally be. By adding a theme, developers can give each machine its own style and feel, making these games have a little more liveliness. While a regular slot machine might make you fall into a routine, a themed slot machine can pull you into the game’s world, making you think just as much about the theme as the money you’re winning or losing.

And to be honest, a lot of these themes are just plain fun. They’ll make you laugh and cheer along as you win money, making for a much more engaging experience. And while we all play slots with the goal of hitting a jackpot, that can get old quickly if the games you’re playing are dull and repetitive. By playing themed slots, you can help add variety to your slots play, keeping games fresh and enjoyable each time you hit the spin button.

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