Neteller Casinos

There are a number of excellent reasons to consider using Neteller as a payment method at online casinos. We’ve registered and played at many of them, and will cover the pros and cons of Neteller casinos as well as answering some questions here.

The Benefits of Neteller Casinos

Your Data Will Be Safer

In the world we live in data breaches make the news every other day. Even big, branded sites aren’t immune, and data privacy is always a concern online.

This concern is only amplified when playing at casinos online, since you will have to hook up some sort of payment method. If you use your credit or debit card you are taking a risk, although at most casinos security is a serious matter and entire teams are dedicated to it.

Neteller can erase this worry altogether. Your Neteller account will act as a buffer, or an extra layer of security, and anyone who does manage to get their hands on your data will only know the e-mail address and account number associated with your Neteller account.

For those concerned about security, this may be reason enough to register at a Neteller friendly casinos.

You Will Enjoy Faster Withdrawals

Slow withdrawals at online casinos are a real annoyance. While you can find casinos with fast payouts by reading our reviews, you will still find it much faster to use Neteller and other e-wallets than credit or debit cards.

At even the biggest and best casinos a withdrawal by credit or debit card will take between 3-5 business days. A lucky weekend win could mean waiting until mid way through the next week to get your funds. Nobody wants to endure that torture.

Using Neteller as a payment method at online casinos will usually mean you get your winning within an hour or two. The transfer from the casino to your Neteller account is actually instant, but it can take several hours for the casino cashier to verify and clear the win.

Since Neteller offers a card linked to your account you won’t even have to wait to transfer it to your bank account or be limited to spending online. You can use your Neteller card just like a real debit card and go on a spending spree right away.

You Will Enjoy Greater Financial Privacy

Try getting a loan from the bank if your statements show regular gambling activity. All we can say is good luck.

Banks and creditors consider casino gaming a major red flag, even for players who only dabble, and it’s best to take measures to prevent them from knowing about your gaming activities.

It’s also the case that financial data is bought and sold on the marketplace today. Ever received calls or e-mails from casinos you have no link to? It’s likely that a financial institution shared or sold your data with third parties for a handsome profit.

Privacy is always a benefit, and especially when it comes to finances. This is one of the biggest reasons to play at Neteller casinos in our opinion.

You Will Pay Less in Fees

Some credit cards will charge an extra fee for making deposits at online casinos. Neteller will not.

These fees can add up and eat into your balance after a while, especially if you make smaller deposits more regularly. If you want to save, then play at a Neteller enabled casino.

Neteller does charge some fees such as inactive account fees and foreign currency fees, but they will always be less than the advance fees some credit cards and banks charge.

Who knows, maybe that £5 fee you pay on credit card deposits could mean that extra few spins on a progressive slot, one of which could be the one.

Disadvantages of Using Neteller as a Payment Method

There are a couple of minor downsides to using Neteller at online casinos.

It Takes a Little Time to Set Up an Account

You will need between 10 and 15 minutes to set up a new Neteller account. If you are pressed for time, you might prefer to just use a credit or debit card for the time being.

It Takes Time to Withdraw to Your Bank Account

If you deposit your jackpot in your Neteller account with the intention of then moving it to your bank account, it can take a few days. You might just be better going straight to your bank account in that case.

Of course you could spend the money online or use the Neteller card to start spending the money directly from your account and avoid a bank transfer altogether.

Neteller Casinos Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register for a Neteller account?

A. Head over to and click ‘Register’ and follow the pages. You will need some personal information and it should take in and around 10 minutes.

Q. How does Neteller compare with other e-wallets like it?

A. It’s pretty decent on the whole. All the e-wallets have their pros and cons. One of Neteller’s strongest suits is its ‘rewards’ which will quickly stack up if you are a big money player.

Q. Which casinos accept Neteller?

A. We have provided several options in the table on this page. All of these casinos accept payment by Neteller. We leave it to you to pick one.

Q. Do I need to link my credit card or bank details to a Neteller account?

A. Yes, you will need to fund your Neteller account to be able to use it at online casinos. This will require you to hook up a bank account, debit card, or credit card. Neteller is a major corporation and your details will be safe.

Neteller Casino Reviews

If you like the idea of playing at online Neteller casinos, check out some of our reviews here. Alternatively, click on any of the casinos in the table about to get started at a Neteller casino right away.