Fast Payout Casinos

Tired of waiting days or even weeks for your jackpots? We’ve compiled this list of casinos with fast payouts. Kiss goodbye to waiting for your money when you win.

What You Need to Know About Fast Payout Casinos

While any of the fast withdrawal casinos listed above will serve you well, you still have to pick a payment method when you get there.

Since several of these casinos offer multiple casino withdrawal methods, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of some of the most used withdrawal methods.

PayPal Casinos

If you’ve never used PayPal before, you should know that it’s the most used online payment processor on the planet. It processed close to 240 billion USD in volume per financial quarter in 2018 and is still growing. Are PayPal casinos right for you?

PayPal Pros

  1. PayPal is super fast when it comes to casino withdrawals. You’ll typically have your money within minutes of withdrawing it. It will arrive instantly after the casino cashier clears it, so a lot of it is down to how fast the casino processes payments.
  2. Another benefit of using PayPal is that it’s widely accepted. PayPal casinos are everywhere, and new ones are popping up every day. You’ll never run out of casinos which accept PayPal if you’re the type of player who likes to bounce around in search of new bonus offers.
  3. PayPal is also free to set up. No monthly fees are charged, although PayPal does make money via fees, which we’ll cover in the ‘cons’ section below.
  4. PayPal is accepted at many online retailers. You can spend your jackpots straight from your PayPal account, therefore avoiding some of the fees and time it takes to withdraw to your account.

PayPal Cons

  1. PayPal is a multi-billion dollar corporation, and it didn’t get there by offering its services for free. It can take as much as 4.5% on some transactions, and its currency rates aren’t the most competitive on the market.
  2. PayPal has extremely strict Know Your Customer verification processes. If you suddenly move a large jackpot into your PayPal account without verifying it, expect your account to be frozen. PayPal is notoriously slow and difficult to deal with, so you could be talking weeks before your account is active again.

Neteller Casinos

There are few online e-wallets which can give PayPal a run for its money, but Neteller is one of them. It isn’t quite as big as PayPal, but it does process hundreds of millions of dollars per year. It’s also widely accepted at online casinos. Why consider Neteller casinos?

Neteller Pros

  1. There are thousands of Neteller casinos online. You’ll have your pick from among the best casinos out there if you opt to use this payment method.
  2. Neteller is also extremely fast. You can expect to have your Neteller jackpots within a couple of hours (max) after claiming them. The fast payout casinos listed above verify payout within the hour, and your funds will be with you right away once this occurs.
  3. Neteller is free to set up. You won’t be charged a monthly fee, although you will pay deposit fees via most deposit methods. We’ll cover that in the ‘cons’ section below.
  4. Neteller is accepted at many online retailers. It also offers Neteller debit cards, meaning you can spend directly from your Neteller account in the real world.

Neteller Cons

  1. Neteller does charge fees on deposits. The only exception is funding via wire transfer, which takes several days. You can expect to pay 1% if you fund by credit card, debit card, Bitcoin, or some of the other payment methods available. Neteller charges up to 5% on some deposit methods.
  2. Neteller also charges withdrawal fees. Even using its own Neteller debit card, you can expect to pay up to 1.75% on cash withdrawals. The only way to get your money out of Neteller for free is to spend it at merchant sites directly.
  3. Lots of casinos exclude Neteller deposits from welcome bonus offers. This is the case at some of the fast payout casinos we have reviewed and listed above. This is to prevent fraud and is also due to the fees mentioned above.

Skrill Casinos

Skrill was previously known as Moneybookers and is one of the largest online e-wallets. It’s one of the favorite payment methods at fast paying casinos. Let’s look at the pros and cons of Skrill casinos in more detail.

Skrill Pros

  1. Skrill is widely accepted at world-class fast payout casinos. We rarely encounter casinos which don’t accept it as a payment method.
  2. Like PayPal and Neteller, you can expect to have your Skrill funds the same day you withdraw them. In all likelihood, and provided you use the fast casinos listed above, you’ll have your cash minutes after requesting it.
  3. Skrill is free to create and use. There are some fees for sending cash, but we’ll cover those in the ‘cons’ section below.
  4. As with the others, Skrill is accepted at lots of online casinos. This means you’ll be able to play at some of the best casinos online using this e-wallet.

Skrill Cons

  1. It costs 1.45% to send money from your Skrill account to your casino account. There’s no way around this as it is built into the Skrill fee structure.
  2. Skrill does charge some fees on deposits. For example, funding your account from Neteller costs 3%, funding it with Bitcoin costs 1%, and funding it with Boku costs a whopping 15%.
  3. Skrill charges a flat fee of $5 to withdraw funds. If you use Visa, it charges 7%.
  4. Lots of casinos exclude deposits made via Skrill from welcome bonus offers. That’s partly due to the fees, and partly because of the high rate of fraud associated with Skrill accounts.

Fast Payouts Casinos – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which fast payout online casino do you recommend most?

All of the sites listed on the table above are recommended by us. They’ve been reviewed by our team, and you can read the detailed reviews before proceeding. All of your questions will be answered in those. They’re all instant withdrawal casinos.

Q. Why do I have to verify my account at some casinos before I can withdraw?

This is to prevent money laundering and crime. Licensed online casinos have to comply with strict laws and regulations. Don’t worry about sending your documents (as long as the brand is trusted). It’s standard procedure and keeps us all safer.

Q. What is a casino cashier and how does it affect payout times?

The casino cashier clears all payments before they are released. This is what causes delays at some casinos. The fast paying casinos we have recommended either process transactions automatically via a computer program, or have teams which promise to verify all withdrawals within a couple of hours.

Q. Can I use Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies at your recommended casinos?

Yes, you can. We’ve indicated whether or not Bitcoin is accepted at each of the casinos listed above. If you use either Neteller or Skrill, Bitcoin can be used to fund your account at a cost of 1%. This is useful where Bitcoin isn’t directly accepted by the casino, but where it is, we recommend using it directly to fund your casino account.