You Lucky Barstard

If we told you that a game with just three reels, a single payline, and nothing but BAR symbols actually contained a large number of features and replayability, you’d probably call us crazy. But that’s exactly the case in You Lucky Barstard, a slot machine available at most Microgaming casinos. In You Lucky Barstard (and no, the title is not a typo), you’ll start out by playing what appears to be the simplest slot machine you’ve ever seen. But there are a few surprises hidden in this game – features that make the game a little bit more fun than you might first suspect.

You Lucky Barstard

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You Lucky Barstard Gameplay

You Lucky Barstard is a three-reel, single payline machine available at Microgaming casino sites. In this game, players can only wager a single coin on each spin; however, coin denominations are available from $0.10 to $10, offering plenty of options for players on different budgets to enjoy this game.

The object of the game is to match identical symbols across the reels, with only three-of-a-kind matches scoring wins. There are very few symbols in this game to match; every symbol is a “bar” symbol, with yellow, red, and black bars filling the screen on every spin. The largest prizes come from double and triple black bars. With only six winning combinations, it’s actually fairly simple to list all of the ways you can win, which are as follows:

Three Yellow Bars: 2 coins
Three Red Bars: 4 coins
Any Three Black Bars: 8 coins
Three Single Black Bars: 10 coins
Three Double Black Bars: 16 coins
Three Triple Black Bars: 100 coins

Special Features in You Lucky Barstard

There are two random features that you’ll sometimes see awarded to you during spins on You Lucky Barstard: the nudge and hold features.

First, the hold feature allows you to hold any of the reels in place before allowing you a respin. You may hold anywhere from zero reels (if, say, you don’t like your chances at all and would just like a free respin) to all three reels (if you already have a winning combination).

Next up is the nudge feature, which is also randomly awarded. This feature allows you to move a reel one stop, allowing you to alter the results of your spin slightly. This can help you change near misses into wins by moving the third symbol needed to complete a combination into place. When nudges are awarded, you might receive anywhere between one and four nudges; sometimes, you’ll be able to hold these nudges over to the next spin as well, or see your number of nudges repeated for the next spin.

Finally, there’s a second screen bonus round that becomes available any time you score any black bar win on three consecutive spins. When this occurs, you’ll move to a screen where you’ll have to play a “skill stop” style game in which you’ll have the chance to win a prize ranging from 25 times to 250 times your initial bet. You’ll sometimes also be put to decisions while playing this game; if you’re given a second chance, you’ll need to decide whether to risk your current winnings for a shot at a larger prize instead.

Biggest Payouts on You Lucky Barstard

The largest payout available on the reels in You Lucky Barstard is received if you hot three triple black bars across the reels. This is worth 100x your initial bet, or up to $1,000 if you play for the maximum bet. In addition, players can also score big wins in the bonus round, with prizes as large as 250x the initial bet available.

Theme and Presentation in You Lucky Barstard

While You Lucky Barstard may be a simple game at heart, there’s definitely something flashy about the presentation. From the bright colors and big fonts to the 1970’s style game show host, this game definitely screams “big!” at players, even while the game itself is relatively low key.

The main theme in the game is that of the fruit machine – the UK-style slot machines that usually feature a simple selection of symbols and few bonus rounds, but offer other choices to the player, such as the nudge and hold features this game randomly awards. This definitely leads to a different style of gameplay than in most slots, which can be a refreshing change of pace after playing more typical machines.

Visit to play You Lucky Barstard now!

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