Betcade Looking to Partner with Gambling Operators

Every top operating online casino offers the standard gaming option online but also includes a mobile application. With every aspect of our lives going mobile these days, it is only natural for online casinos to offer mobile gaming as well. For most casinos, the mobile option allows players to enjoy the majority of the online gaming content from a mobile device. Players will have access to games on iOS or Android device, as the online casino has worked with app companies to create an appropriate option for each mobile device type.

BetcadeBetcade is a start-up gaming company who is currently looking for gambling operators as well as developers to work with. Betcade offers a dedicated app store for Android and offers developers and gambling operators the opportunity to house their apps in their real money gaming section.

Betcade will begin offering their services in the UK where the gambling market is quite vast. The launch is set for sometime this summer, with Betcade explaining that their main goal is to be able to facilitate the process of gambling app downloading for Android devices as well as related products for operators as well as users.

As of right now, players who have an Android device would use the official website of the gambling operator to be able to download their mobile application or a third party app to allow for the install. With Betcade, the process is easier and the route for gamers is shorter as the game is delivered from one location. Betcade wants to offer this service, allowing quicker access for gamblers as well as providing a wider audience for gaming operators.

The app store of Betcade will offer download and payment management solutions for real money games on Android devices. Software developers of Android applications as well as gambling operators will have to fill out an application before being able to provide their app in the Android store. Companies located in the United Kingdom have already been encouraged to apply. Once the application has been reviewed, the company would have the option to distribute and promote online casino gambling products and services via the app store of Betcade.

David Chang is the CEO of the new start-up who recently commented on the upcoming launch in the United Kingdom. Chang stated that the opening of the app store by Betcade for business in the UK is an important milestone for the company and that the company is extremely excited to have the opportunity to work with the biggest names within the gambling industry.

Betcade was founded by Chang, with offices for the company located in London, Silicon Valley and in Los Angeles. The creation of the company was intended to provide an ecosystem for Android applications in regards to real money gaming. The goal of the app store is to make it easier for consumers to find new applications, download the application of their choice as well as allow for management of popular gambling applications.

On top of consumer use, Betcade will provide the facilitation of the distribution and promotion of real money gaming products for gaming companies who offer mobile applications for Android devices.

Mobile gaming is big business, especially in the online gambling industry. Betcade should do well to provide a streamlined service for gamers to be able to find a host of mobile gaming applications for real money game play all in one place. It will be interesting to see which developers and online gaming companies will begin working with Betcade once the company fully launches in the United Kingdom this summer.