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One of the newest ways to access an online casino is through the use of a mobile device. Whether it’s a mobile phone or a tablet such as an iPad, mobile casinos are a great way to play some of your favorite games. Although table games like blackjack and roulette have been nicely integrated into the screen size of mobile devices, games like slots and video poker and nearly identical to the brick and mortar versions. This is a big reason why mobile game play is now more popular than desktop and laptop play. Below are our highest rated mobile casinos.

Best Mobile Casinos

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Cafe Casino 500% up to $5000 98.22% 225+ -- accepts Bitcoin
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Slots.lv Casino 200% up to $5000 91.41% 200+ -- accepts Bitcoin
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While mobile casinos aren’t generally as advanced as the more traditional online casinos, and they don’t have the same wide game selection, this is rapidly changing. Every month, more and more casino sites rolling out mobile gaming platforms, while those that already have this as an option regularly update their mobile casinos with new games and improved features. These mobile casinos allow you to play a few spins on a slot machine any time you like – something any slots player can appreciate.

Advantages to Mobile Casinos

If you’re happy with playing at a regular downloadable or instant play online casino through your computer, you might wonder why mobile casinos should be of interest to you. I once felt the same way, but after getting used to the features of mobile gambling, it was impossible to stop playing!

Of course, the biggest advantage to using a mobile casino is the level of convenience you’ll have when playing. With a mobile casino, any time you can get an internet connection on your phone or tablet, you can play slots, blackjack and other casino games. If you’re on a bus or train on the way to work and want to take a shot at a jackpot, you can. If you’re at a football match or at a family outing and feel board, you can get into a casino in just an instant.

Using mobile casinos can also be a great way to keep your casino play personal and discrete. If you have other people who share access to your computers who would prefer you don’t have real money gambling casinos on them (such as a spouse) or who you wouldn’t want to have access to online gambling (such as children), accessing a casino through a mobile phone instead can be a great way of making sure your online gambling remains private and secure.


Mobile CasinosThere are a couple of shortcomings to mobile casinos, at least for the moment. One obvious issue is the fact that while online casinos generally offer hundreds of games, a typical mobile casino version of the same software might only offer players a handful of games to choose from. This usually means a few different slot machines, along with blackjack, a video poker machine or two, and maybe some other table games or scratch cards.

Another potential issue is that mobile casino accounts usually can’t be managed entirely through your mobile phone. Often, accounts must be opened on the casino website, and the first deposit you make into your casino account will usually have to be made through the instant play or traditional downloadable interface as well. After that, though, the situation may improve: at some mobile casinos, future deposits using registered deposit methods can be made directly from your phone, allowing you to top up your account even when you’re nowhere near your computer.

However, these are merely slight inconveniences. And, as I said earlier, mobile casino options are improving all the time; in a few years, it’s likely that mobile casinos will be every bit as advanced and easy to use as the best downloadable and Flash clients.

Popular Devices for Mobile Play

There are a number of different mobile devices that are popular today, and each of them offer at least some access to mobile casinos. Here’s a quick look at these devices and what you can expect if you want to experience mobile gambling through them.

iPhone Casinos

The iPhone is perhaps the most popular mobile phone ever produced, and is widely used around the world. Given the sheer number of people using iPhones, it’s no surprise that most online casinos have developed games made specifically for iPhone users. Even on sites where this is not the case, you can feel confident that instant-play (no download) games will work just fine with your iPhone.

Android Casinos

The other extremely popular smartphone brand these days is the Android, which was developed by Google. Like the iPhone, any online casino that has a mobile casino worth talking about will ensure that their software works on any Android phone. In fact, you’ll often see casino sites list their mobile casinos as “iPhone/Android” casinos in order to make it clear to visitors that these formats are supported.

iPad Casinos

Many online casinos are now looking towards tablet devices as the next big growth market, and the iPad is certainly leading the way in that field. Most online casinos support the iPad to some degree thanks to their support of iPhones. However, this isn’t a guarantee of support; some casinos have clearly designed with phones in mind, requiring SMS verification to use, which could make accessing them from your iPad tricky. However, in many cases, you may be able to use the standard instant play casino from your iPad instead, giving you an even better mobile casino experience!