Video Poker Rules

There are overall video poker rules, and specific rules based on the individual video poker variant you are playing. First, find out exactly what video poker game variant you are playing here.

Aside from the rules which apply to individual games like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild, which differentiate the game types from each other, there are some fundamental video poker rules which apply to all games.

How to Play Video Poker

All video poker games all follow the same format, meaning you will be dealt five cards as your first hand, and you will have to decide which to keep and which to discard.

Remember, the aim of video poker is to make the best hand possible according to poker hand ranks. If you are unsure how hands rank, check out the individual paytable on the game screen.

Once your first five cards have been dealt, you will need to pick certain cards to hold. Just click on the cards you want to keep, based on your estimated probability of creating as strong a hand as possible, and the click ‘deal’ to discard the cards you haven’t selected and to receive new ones in their place.

At this stage the basic video poker game is complete. You can’t replace any further cards, and will have to play the hand as it is.

Do keep in mind that in some variants of video poker you will have the chance to go ‘double or nothing’ on your winnings. This is always optional and if you decide to play you will usually play a simple card game where you need to predict if the next card out of the deck will be higher or lower than the upward facing card. These games will usually have the word ‘bonus’ in their title.

Video Poker Rules

1 – You will always receive five cards at the start of each game. These are dealt totally randomly and you have no control whatsoever over what cards you get.

2 – You will only have one chance to change any cards you do not want to keep. Once you have selected them to be discarded and you click ‘deal’, there is no going back and you will have to play the hand you are left with after the second round of cards come out. Make sure you pick the right cards.

3 –  You will receive a payout in accordance with the game paytable, although order of the strength of hands in universal. So, for example, no matter what style of video poker you are playing, a Royal Flush will always outrank a Pair of Jacks.

Be aware that payouts can vary for a given hand from game to game. Two games of Jacks or Better at different video poker casinos could pay out different amounts for the same hand. Always double check payables and select ‘full pay’ games.

4 – The minimum hand needed to receive a payout, as well as several other minor factors, is determined by what video poker variant you are playing. For example, a game of Tens or Better requires a Pair of Tens to receive any payout, whereas a game of Deuces Wild requires the same minimum hand to receive a payout, but in this game a Two of any suit can replace any other card.

Check out the rules surrounding various video poker game types here.

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