Mobile Casino Games

Mobile casinos have become the way to play in recent times. Find out how to pick one, what the advantages of mobile casino gaming are, and what the best mobile casino games to play are.

The Rise of Mobile Casinos

Did you know that mobile casino players are now in the majority? According to industry research, as of 2016, those playing casino games on mobile devices accounted for 51% of the total players online – making them the majority for the first time in internet history.

This trend is only going to continue.

First, mobile devices are way cheaper and as the rest of the developing world comes online, you can bet there are casino players among them hungry for mobile roulette, mobile slots, and other games.

Then, you have the advantages of mobile casinos. This deserves a more thorough look. Let’s explore the pros and cons of mobile casinos.

Mobile Casinos – The Advantages

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Online casinos know that mobile players are the future, and they want to attract you in droves. To do that they often give away bigger casino bonuses and often exclusive casino bonuses for mobile players.

Free casino cash is always good, but extra free casino cash is better. Mobile players definitely have an advantage in this department.

Accessibility Directly From Your Device

You can carry a casino in your pocket by downloading a mobile casino app. This will allow you to play mobile slots as well as table and card games from literally anywhere you please.

Once you download an iOS casino or Android casino and install it, you won’t have to log in via a website every time and wait for it to load, etc.

Wherever you are, from the beach to the bar, your mobile casino will be with you.

Hundreds of Games

It’s a myth that by downloading a mobile casino you will only have access to a limited number of games.

That might have been true a few years back, but the best mobile casinos today will not lead to this trade off and you will be able to play just about every casino game you could on a desktop casino or live on a site.

Modern mobile casinos are fully equipped with all the popular casino games, and they are specifically designed for mobile devices.

When you combine this fact with the other advantages it becomes obvious that mobile gaming is the way to go.

Mobile Casinos – The Disadvantages

It would be dishonest to paint a totally rosy picture and say mobile casinos are perfect. There are a couple of minor downsides, including:

Smaller Screen Size

This can be an annoyance when playing at casinos on mobile phones, but becomes less of an issue on tablets, since they have larger screens.

Live casino games, in particular, are best enjoyed on bigger screens. Consider this when choosing what casino games to play on your mobile.

The Thrill Factor Can be Lessened

Some people report that having 24/7 access to a casino app lessens the excitement of playing. While it may bring more frequent opportunities for wins, and is definitely a great way to kill time and alleviate boredom, there might be some merit to the idea that the best part is waiting until you get home from work or until the weekend to be able to play.

This will be your choice as a player. If having a top mobile casino in your pocket will ruin the fun for you, then don’t download one. It’s that simple.

Signal Issues

Of course, using a phone casino leaves you at the mercy of your mobile signal. Make sure you have a solid connection to avoid annoying game jumps, breaks, and interruptions, although most reputable casinos will stand by bets made if you do drop out while using a mobile casino online.

How to Pick the Best Mobile Casino for You

Ask yourself the following questions before picking a casino for mobile:

Is it compatible with your device?

This is perhaps the most important question of all. Make sure to get an iOS casino if you use an iPhone or iPad, or an Android casino if you use virtually any other device.

Most online casinos can detect the kind of device you are using and will send you in the right direction, so this shouldn’t be too much of a worry.

Does it offer the games you want to play?

Make sure the mobile phone casino offers the exact mobile games you want to play. For example, if you prefer NetEnt mobile slots, there is no point in downloading a Playtech mobile casino, because you won’t find the exact games you want.

If you aren’t fussed and just want a good range of mobile slot games and some other casino table and card games, then just stick with reputable casinos since they all provide a mix of these in their mobile casino apps.

Do mobile players get a bigger bonus or extra bonuses?

You might as well get paid to play casino games on mobile, and if it comes down to two equally good real money casino apps where one is offering an enhanced bonus and the other isn’t, common sense says take the free money.

Some casinos on the web also have regular promotions for mobile players like exclusive access to new games or regular mobile bonus chips. It is worth looking into all of this before signing up, so as to secure the best deal possible.

Is the mobile casino user friendly?

There is no way to tell except to download a new mobile casino and find out for yourself, but you want to find a user-friendly casino that isn’t buggy and won’t annoy you to use it.

If you stick with the reputable casino brands we recommend you won’t have this issue since we have done the homework for you, but do be aware that there can be serious differences between casinos on mobile in terms of how well designed they are, and how easy they are to use.