Mastercard Casinos

Mastercard casinos offer secure, safe, instant ways to bet with one of the most used credit/debit cards in the world.

Mastercard has been providing payments since 1966 (before it was even called Mastercard), and is accepted at a huge number of casinos and betting sites online. We’re going to take a closer look at gambling with Mastercard and the sites you can use it on.

Why Use Mastercard to Gamble Online?

  1. Mastercard is widely accepted. It’s nearly universally accepted by the best online casinos.
  2. Gambling with Mastercard is easy and convenient. You won’t need to register any extra accounts. Payments will be taken directly from your bank account.
  3. This is one of the safest and most secure ways to make payments online. Mastercard has been around for decades and has almost perfected its network security.
  4. Deposits are fast. It will only take one-two minutes to make a deposit at a Mastercard casino.
  5. Prepaid & virtual Mastercards are also available. We’ll explain the benefits of these later.

The Disadvantages of Gambling with Mastercard

  1. Lots of Mastercard casinos do not enable withdrawals using this card. You’ll have to use PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, or a bank transfer instead.
  2. Sharing and/or storing your card details online is always risky. Using virtual Mastercards can help with this.
  3. Gambling with Mastercard won’t protect your privacy. Your gambling transactions will appear on your bank/credit card statements.

Depositing at Mastercard Betting Sites

Have you ever purchased something on or any other website using a credit or debit card? If so, you pretty much already know how to deposit with Mastercard. If you haven’t, or if it’s been a while, follow this process.

  1. Find Mastercard on the deposit options menu in your casino account.
  2. Type in your Mastercard number (16 digits), its expiry date and the CVV code on the back strip of the card.
  3. Enter the amount you wish to deposit. Make sure you deposit enough to claim any Mastercard casino bonuses.
  4. Depending on the issuing bank, you’ll then have to verify the transaction. Sometimes this is done by entering a password, and sometimes it’s done via SMS code or secure device.
  5. Your Mastercard casino account will be credited within a few seconds.

This process works the same way at almost every Mastercard casino site. The only difference is in step four. How that’s done will depend on your bank’s security processes.

Gambling With Virtual Mastercards

Virtual Mastercards have become popular with casino players in recent years. There are a few reasons for this which we’ll get into here.

What are virtual Mastercards? They’re digital cards generated by your payment provider. They work just like physical cards except they are generated on your screen and linked to your payment account.

Skrill, ecoPayz, and many other e-wallets issue virtual Mastercards. You can then use the cards to deposit at Mastercard casinos using the balances in these e-wallet accounts.

Here are the advantages:

Virtual Mastercards protect your privacy by separating your gambling transactions from your bank and credit card statements.

Gambling with virtual Mastercards reduces the risk of fraud. If your card details are stolen, they hackers will only be able to spend what’s in your e-wallet account rather than having full access to the funds in your bank account.

Virtual Mastercards are widely accepted at both gambling sites and retailers. Therefore, you can spend your winnings quickly at online retailers.

There are also prepaid Mastercards. These are physical versions of virtual ones are often linked to the same e-wallet accounts. These allow you to spend your winnings offline.

Mastercard Alternatives

Here are some Mastercard alternatives. These payment methods are also widely accepted at online casinos.

Bank Transfers

Player Questions About Mastercard

Q. Is gambling with Visa safe?

Mastercard is one of the most legit payment companies in the world. It is the second largest credit card issuer after Visa. Mastercard is one of the safest payment methods you could possibly use. That’s why so many online casinos accept it.

Q. Do Mastercard casinos charge fees?

Some Mastercard gambling sites charge fees, although Mastercard itself does not. While some payment methods do charge extra fees for gambling transactions, Mastercard does not. However, do watch out for withdrawal fees at some Mastercard betting sites.

Q. How long do withdrawals take when I use Mastercard?

Between 3-5 days, but do be aware that the number of casinos which allow Mastercard withdrawals is decreasing. We’ve noticed this in the last few years. You may have to select another withdrawal method such as a bank transfer which could entail fees and take up to five business days.

Q. What are the best Mastercard gambling sites?

The sites listed on our table above are the best. They all have generous free spins and welcome bonuses, fair withdrawal policies, and great customer support. Check them out and claim what’s yours.