Live Dealer Bac Bo Review

live dealer bac bo review

Evolution’s live dealer bac bo brings together two favorite live games and molds them into one: baccarat and sic bo. These two games have been huge hits for Evolution, and the creative minds in the game design department came up with a way to take the best of both and make an entirely new and innovative game.

In this live bac bo review, we’ll explain how to play, what payouts you can expert, the pros and cons of this game, and we’ll answer some questions we’re sure some of you will have. Let’s get started.

What You Need to Know About Live Casino Bac Bo

  • Live Bac Bo is powered by Evolution. This is the number one live casino games company in the world by far.
  • The wagers range between $1 and $10,000 per hand. Both small stakes players and high rollers can play it.
  • The regular Player and Banker bets pay 1:1. Tie bets pay up to 88:1 depending on the results.
  • The RTP of live bac bo is 98.84%. That gives the game a house edge of 1.16%.

In bac bo, dice are used instead of cards. The winner is determined by which ‘hand’ has the highest number.

How to Play Live Bac Bo Online

When we review live dealer games like bac bo, we always play a few rounds first to make sure we understand the game and that our information is accurate. Here’s what you can expect when you play bac bo online.

You’ll enter an elegant emerald and gold game studio. It’s designed to make you feel like you’re in Macau or somewhere in the Orient. An attractive live dealer will welcome you to the table.

The betting window will open, and you’ll see your options. Player, banker, and Tie appear on the screen. You can see all of the payouts for each bet and can also see how other players are placing their bets.

You’ll see a countdown timer and the betting window will close. Dice will begin shaking on the table; two for Player and two for Banker. The first Player dice will stop first, and then the Banker dice will stop. For the second dice, which one stops first depends on which side had the highest score one the first dice.

After the second dice stops on each side, the two dice are tallied up and whichever side has the highest total score wins.

The Pros and Cons of Live Casino Bac Bo

Like all casino games, this one has positive and potential negatives. It all depends on your outlook as a player. Here’s our honest assessment.

Live Bac Bo Pros

Simplicity – This game is simple, easy, and a lot of fun. There’s nothing complicated about it.

Extras – Small things like being able to see what percentage of players are betting on each outcome and how much is being wagered on each outcome make the game a cut above average. We expect this sort of thing from Evolution.

Winnings – Winning even money for what is essentially a coin toss is OK. Winning up to 88:1 for taking a wager on Tie is potentially great.

Live Bac Bo Cons

Multipliers – Unlike some of Evolution’s other recent live casino games, this one doesn’t offer you the chance to win 500x or more. Games like Lighting Roulette and Blackjack do.

Evolution’s Bac Bo Live – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is live Bac Bo rigged?

No, Evolution runs honest games and does not skim or cheat players. This game has an in-built house edge that guarantees Evolution a profit when all the bets are counted at the end of the day. This firm is publicly listed and highly regulated. There’s no way it could get away with cheating players.

Q. Are there any live bac bo side bets?

No. There are no side bets in this game. It’s a choice between Player, Banker, or Tie only.

Q. Where should I play live bac bo online?

We recommend checking out our list of safe live casinos. We’ve reviewed and rated sites that accept players from the USA, Australia, UK, Europe, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, and all over the world. Check them out to find the right site for you.