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UKashYou may never have heard of Ukash, but this unique, prepaid voucher system is a secure and increasingly common method for funding online casino accounts. Ukash deposits are simple to make, protect your personal information, and are essentially immune to issues like fraud. Plus, they can be used from most countries, making them a nearly universal solution for players who have had trouble finding a deposit method that works for them. In addition, Ukash can also often be used for cash outs – meaning that it’s possible to play at an online casino without ever sharing any of your banking or credit card information.

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Making Online Casino Deposits Using Ukash

Making an online casino deposit using Ukash is a multistep process. First, you’ll need to purchase a Ukash voucher for the amount of the deposit you would like to make. These vouchers can be purchased at thousands of locations around the world, as well as from a number of online resellers that offer Ukash vouchers. One of the great things about Ukash is that there are no additional fees when purchasing a Ukash voucher; if you want to deposit $100, you simply purchase a voucher for $100, and you lose nothing to fees.

Once you’ve purchased the voucher, head to your favorite online casino that accepts Ukash, and choose Ukash as your deposit method. Your voucher will have a unique 19-digit code on it; you’ll need to input this code, as well as the amount of your deposit. Your purchase should be credited instantly, allowing you to begin playing in the online casino right away!

About Ukash

Ukash ( was first created in 2005 as an alternative method for making online purchases. By 2011, Ukash had point of sale locations in 33 different countries, and was available to even more locations through online resellers. Ukash was created by SmartVoucher Ltd., a United Kingdom-based company.

Through Ukash, customers from around the world can purchase real money vouchers that are worth as much as £500. These vouchers can then in turn be spent at thousands of online merchants, including real money online casinos.

When it comes to making real money online casino deposits, Ukash offers several advantages for players. For one, Ukash is one of the few deposit options in which the user never has to reveal any of their personal financial data to any third party. While using a credit card or bank wire means the player much share that information with the online casino, and using an ewallet site involves giving that information to the payment processing site, Ukash can be purchased at a physical point of sale using cash. The voucher received in return contains no personal information, and the player can make a deposit using only the voucher number.

At some Ukash casinos, the process is even more secure. Some real money online casinos now allow players to withdraw their winnings through Ukash, using a system known as Ukash PayOut. This allows players to receive their winnings in voucher form, where they can then be exchanged for cash at any Ukash seller. At such a casino, it’s possible to play for real money without divulging any personal financial details to any third party, all the way from depositing to cashing out!

While Ukash might sound like a flawless system, there are a few minor issues to be aware of. The main issue is the fact that Ukash is a very clunky system for those wishing to move lots of money in or out of a real money online casino account. When using Ukash, you cannot move more than about £500 at a time, which can be very inconvenient when attempting to cash out after hitting a jackpot.

Also, while Ukash is extremely secure in the sense that it protects your identity and personal information, there’s one obvious flaw in the system. If your voucher is lost, stolen, or damaged in a way that makes the code unreadable, you’re more or less out of luck. While this will rarely be an issue (especially if you know this, and know to take care not to lose your voucher), it does mean that you should be cautious with a Ukash voucher. Essentially, they are the same as cash – take the same precautious you would if you were carrying money around with you, and you shouldn’t run into any issues.

At the moment, Ukash is not available for USA players. However, the Ukash system is live in many other countries, including most of Europe and the Middle East, China, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and Brazil among others. Along with being used for real money online casino play, Ukash is also commonly accepted at online poker rooms, e-wallet sites (which means Ukash can often be used indirectly to fund accounts even at casinos that don’t accept Ukash), online games, and communications sites like Skype.

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