Credit Card Casinos

Most financial transactions made on the Internet are done using credit cards. Since almost every online merchant can accept payment by credit card, and almost every customer has at least one, it makes sense for credit cards to be popular in almost every online industry – including online gambling.

Credit cards are safe, secure, and fast, meaning players can make deposits that will instantly show up in their real money online casino accounts. While some financial institutions block online gambling transactions, credit cards are an excellent deposit option for those players who can use them.

Using a Credit Card to Fund Online Casino Accounts

Assuming you’re able to use one, a credit card is definitely among the best ways to fund a real money online casino account. Credit card deposits are credited to your account instantly, allowing you to immediately jump in and start playing. They’re also very convenient, since you’ll simply need the information on your card to get started.

In some cases, the process may take slightly longer, as your online casino could ask you for some verification information first to help prevent fraud. However, these processes are generally quicker than waiting for a check or bank wire to clear, so credit cards will often be your fastest and simplest option for getting started at an online casino.

However, there are many cases in which you will not be able to use a credit card at a real money online casino. For most credit cards, individual banks hold the ability to accept or decline specific transactions. These banks may choose to block online gambling transactions, either because they feel uncomfortable processing such payments themselves, or because local regulations prohibit them from doing so.

If you’re unsure if your credit card will be accepted at a real money online casino, the best thing you can do is try to use it. If the transaction is processed, that’s great; if not, you may have to use an alternate deposit method. You can also try using your card at a different online casino; while having your card rejected at one online casino is usually a good sign that it’s unlikely to be accepted at other sites, this isn’t universally true, and you’ll sometimes find sites where your credit card will work even after being rejected at several others. There’s no penalty for attempting to use your credit card, so if you’d like to make a real money online casino deposit this way, it’s always worth trying even if you feel fairly sure it’ll be rejected.

Specific Credit Card Information

Different credit card companies have very different policies on how their cards may be used. The following is a quick breakdown of how each credit card brand regulates the use of their cards.

Real Money Visa Deposits

Visa is a very popular deposit option at online casinos. As it is a well-respected brand name around the world, most real money online casinos accept Visa credit cards, and many also accept Visa Electron and other debit cards that have the Visa logo on them. Some banks issue debit cards with Visa logos that may be used as either a debit or credit card.

Because Visa does not directly issue cards to their customers, individual banks control most policies regarding their use. While Visa does not have a company-wide policy regarding the use of Visa cards for online gambling transactions, your bank may choose to disallow such transactions, which would result in your card being rejected at most online casinos.

Using a MasterCard for Depositing Online Casinos

Like Visa, MasterCard is a worldwide brand that’s accepted at almost all retail outlets, including online. This also includes nearly all online casinos, which are happy to accept MasterCard payments from their players.

MasterCard works in much the same way as Visa – they do not issue their own cards, but rather allow individual member banks to issue cards to customers featuring the MasterCard logo. This means that your bank will have a policy on whether or not to block online gambling transactions.

Depositing at Casinos using “Discover”

Discover is less-commonly accepted than Visa and MasterCard, but many real money online casinos do list it as a deposit option.

Whether or not your Discover card is likely to be accepted at an online casino is heavily dependent on where you live. Most Discover cards are issued by Discover Bank, which has led to something of a uniform policy. Discover has “tagged” most online casinos and poker rooms with a specific merchant code that labels them as online gambling sites. In the United States, this means that Discover almost always rejects real money online casino deposits in accordance with UIGEA laws. However, those using Discover cards in other countries are more likely to see their deposits successfully processed.

Real Money American Express Casinos

Of all the major online credit card companies, AMEX holds the most control over their cards. This is because American Express issues their cards directly to consumers, rather than through member banks that can set their own policies. Unfortunately, this has meant that AMEX has prevented their cards from being used at most real money online casinos. While a few casino sites still claim to accept American Express deposits, your ability to use an American Express card at even these sites may be limited.

Diners Club Casinos for Real Money

While Diners Club was the first charge card, it has become much less commonly used than the cards listed above. Today, Diners Club is now a subsidiary of Discover Financial, and most of the policies that apply to Discover cards also affect Diners Club cardholders. While many real money online casinos accept Diners Club, Americans will probably find deposits through Diners Club difficult or impossible, while those in other parts of the world are likely to see these deposits accepted the majority of the time.

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