Crypto Casinos

If you’re looking for the best crypto casinos online, you’ve landed exactly where you need to be. We have reviewed the top crypto casinos online and we have a list of them here.

Why Are These the Top Crypto Casinos Online?

There are a lot of new crypto casinos. People are quickly realizing this is going to be the biggest tech trend of the decade, and casino operators want to cash in on it. However, you shouldn’t trust every site you encounter. There are some scammers out there, and the best way to avoid them is to read our crypto casino reviews to find legit sites.

While each of our approved crypto casinos are legit, we can also tell you that they all meet these standards.

Safety – Because of the private, somewhat anonymous nature of most crypto transactions, it’s super important to play at legit crypto casinos. We find out who the operator is, what gaming licenses they have if any, and we make sure they have a history of treating players fairly. We list provably fair casinos as well as others with UKGC, Malta, and Curacao gaming licenses.

Games – Playing crypto casino games is a lot of fun, and a fast way to increase your stack of Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptos. You can play crypto slots, roulette, blackjack, keno, and other games to quickly multiply your crypto holdings with a little luck. These are often provably fair casino games, and they are all powered by honest software companies like BGaming.

Bonuses – You want to get crypto casino bonuses, don’t you? Most of the casinos we recommend offer free spins, crypto casino welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, and more. You’ll get fair bonuses with low wagering requirements. Most important, you can keep what you win.

Mobile – Crypto mobile casinos enable you to play on Androids, iPhones, iPads, and other devices with no download required. You can play on your mobile phone or tablet on the go. There are some crypto casino apps, but you don’t have to download them unless you want to.

VIP – If you want to play high stakes crypto casino games, that will be an option. You’ll also be handsomely rewarded for doing so. VIP clubs reward you with special bonuses, access to exclusive tournaments, invitations to VIP events, and more. Play crypto games for high rollers to start earning these treats ASAP.

The Best Cryptocurrencies to Gamble With

There are various cryptocurrencies for gambling. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. This is a summary of each one.

Bitcoin – The King of cryptos is the most valuable, secure, and widely accepted. However, it’s also one of the slowest and most expensive to use. Bitcoin has a market cap of hundreds of billions of dollars, so cashing out is never a problem. Learn more and check out the top Bitcoin casinos here. You can also play with BCH.

Ethereum – ETH is one of the largest cryptos by market cap and it’s accepted at most crypto casinos. It’s faster and cheaper to use than Bitcoin, and there are even some casinos built on the ETH blockchain. However, it doesn’t have a fixed supply like Bitcoin, and many see it as second-fiddle to the king. Check out our top-rated Ethereum casinos here.

Litecoin – LTC founder Charlie Lee liked to liken Litecoin to silver, whereas Bitcoin is gold. It’s faster and cheaper to transact in than Bitcoin, but that’s about it. Litecoin doesn’t really have many downsides other than it’s falling out of fashion to some degree. Visit the top Litecoin casinos here.

XRP – Ripple gets a lot of hate from crypto purosts because a company (Ripple) controls most of the supply. However, it’s one of the fastest cryptos (transactions take seconds), and it’s almost fee-free. Viet a list of Ripple casinos here.

USDT – One of the things that puts some off playing at crypto casinos is the volatility of the coins. Bitcoin can rally and crash 10% in a day at times. Tether is a stable coin; it’s always worth $1. It costs $4 per transaction and it runs on the Ethereum blockchain, so transactions only take a few minutes. Visit the best Tether casinos here.

The Pros and Cons of Crypto Casino Sites

Playing crypto casino games has pros and cons. We’ll do our best to give you a neutral and balanced view of both here. It’s our hope that this section will help you decide if playing casino games with crypto is the right decision for you.

The Pros of Crypto Casino Games

Permissionless – In some countries, such as the USA and Australia, governments think it’s OK to tell citizens what to do with their own money. They’ve banned casino games online in some cases. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies make it possible to deposit and play wherever you want. You don’t need anybody’s permission to use cryptos. Opening a wallet and transacting is free from all the usual checks required to open a bank account, apply for a credit card, etc. Crypto gambling sites are open to everyone.

Fast – Bitcoin is generally considered the slowest cryptocurrency, yet even BTC transactions only take 10-15 minutes to settle. Sure, the deposits will be a little slower, but your payouts will be much faster. It can take up to a week to receive a bank wire or check. Crypto casinos are much faster. There are also much faster cryptos such as Ethereum, XRP (Ripple), and Litecoin. These often settle in seconds or a few minutes.

Private – It’s false to say that cryptocurrencies are completely anonymous. A determined investigator could trace transactions to you. However, unless you’re a crime boss, it’s unlikely that anyone would be interested enough to do so. Gambling online with cryptos allows you to keep casino transactions off your bank statements and keep your gambling private.

Fees – When the Bitcoin blockchain gets really busy, transactions can cost $20 or more. That’s an improvement on credit cards, which often charge 6% or more for gambling transactions. However, when you use cryptos like XRP, the fees are a fraction of a cent. Using the second and third generation cryptos is close to fee-free.

Fairness – Earlier on this page, we mentioned Provably Fair Technology. At casinos with provably fair games, you can verify that the casino games outcomes were truly random. To cut a long story short, you feed one of the seed numbers into the algorithm, so the casino doesn’t have full control over the game. For the first time ever, you can be sure you’re not being cheated.

The Cons of Crypto Casinos

You already know the good stuff, but what are the drawbacks of playing at crypto casinos? This section will cover them.

Buying – To use cryptos to gamble online, you first have to get some. Unless you know a person who will trade you some crypto for cash, you’ll have to sign up with a crypto exchange and purchase some. There will be some fees involved (1% is standard), and some extra steps will be involved to verify your identity at legal exchanges.

Learning – If you already know how to use cryptos, you don’t have to think much about this point. For first-timers, the learning experience can be daunting. Eventually, cryptos will permeate every element of society, so you might as well get a head-start, but in the beginning, it can seem confusing and intimidating for newcomers.

Safety – Cryptocurrencies run on secure networks known as blockchains. With cryptos like Bitcoin, these networks have so much computing power that they’re virtually unhackable. However, individual wallets and exchange accounts have been hacked, and players have accidentally sent funds to incorrect wallet addresses. Much of this can be avoided with good operational security, but it’s still a risk that some players don’t want to take.

Crypto Casinos – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s the best crypto casino online?

That answer will depend to some degree on what you’re looking for. Read through our crypto casino reviews to find the best site for you.

Q. Is gambling with cryptos legal?

In every country we promote casinos in, yes it is. If cryptocurrencies have been outlawed in your country, then probably not. If online gambling is illegal in your country, then it’s probably also illegal with cryptos.

Q. What’s the best crypto to gamble with?

For speed, it’s probably XRP or Tron. For safety, Bitcoin is hard to beat. For stability, USDT aka Tether is pegged to the value of the dollar, so it’s the best option.