Casino Loyalty Schemes

Most decent online casinos offer some sort of reward system for loyal players. Whether you are the type who spends big every once in awhile or are a player who constantly plays casino games, loyalty programs at online casinos mean extra cash, prizes, and goodies for you.

What Is a Casino Loyalty Club?

It is exactly what the name suggests. You will be rewarded with loyalty points for playing your favourite casino games, and will later be able to trade those points in for spins, bonus cash, and sometimes real-world prizes.

Casino loyalty programs usually have the following features:

Points System – You could earn ‘comp points’ or ‘loyalty points’, or the casino might have another name for them. Either way you will earn these as you play and can exchange them when you accumulate enough.

Levels – There are almost always different levels within any online casino loyalty club. You jump up to the next level once you have reached a certain threshold number of points, and usually the rewards get better and accumulate faster when you do.

Shop/Store – Eventually, you will want to trade your points in for the good stuff you have earned. This is where the store comes in.

So what sort of things can you usually find in the store?

What Casino Loyalty Clubs Offer

Each club is different and what’s on offer will vary from casino to casino. Still, you will find some commonalities among them all.

Most loyalty clubs allow you to exchange your points for:

Free Spins – Slots players can cash in loyalty points to enjoy exclusive no deposit free spins on video slots.

Bonus Cash – You can get extra bonuses not available to other players in the casino. These could be no deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses, or reload bonuses.

Private Account Managers – No more waiting in line to talk to customer service agents on live chat or phone. Once you reach a certain level you will usually get your own private account manager.

Faster Withdrawals – If you manage to make a lucky spin or go on a high-stakes blackjack winning streak you will get your pots a lot faster. Most VIP managers can arrange for you to get your cash instantly.

Some casino VIP programs also offer:

Trips and Holidays – From weekends in Vegas to multi-day trips in European cities, those who reach the upper echelons of VIP clubs can live the high life.

Invitation to Events – Lots of big name casinos hold events like cruises, poker tournaments, and even sponsor sports matches. You can get gratis tickets to these events as a VIP.

Tech & Gadgets – iPads, iPhones, and all manner of gadgets are up for grabs either by cashing in your chips for them or by entering into prize draws for a few points. We have even seen BMW M3 up for grabs in one of these casino sweepstakes.

How Do I get VIP Casino Access?

In the majority of cases you don’t even need to opt in and will begin accumulating casino loyalty points the minute you deposit and start playing.

Some casinos will require an opt-in, which can usually be found under your account setting or on the loyalty scheme tab.

It’s always worth double checking though. We suggest picking an online casino from among those we have recommended on this page, and looking for the ‘VIP club’ or ‘Loyalty club’ tab on the menu.

You can also talk to the live chat agents if you want to know more information about what a given casino VIP scheme offers and how to participate.

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