The Best Slot Bonus Rounds

Slot machine bonus rounds are as varied as slots themselves. From simple free spins rounds to multi-level game-like features complete with maps and rewards, we bring you the best slot bonus rounds on the web.

Free Spins Bonus Round – Thunderstruck II by Microgaming

The best free spins round was a tough one to pick, since there are so many slots games with free spins.

We feel that Thunderstruck II takes the biscuit for its “Hall of Spins” feature, which offers better and better rewards the more times it is triggered.

The first time you trigger the Hall of Spins bonus feature you get 10 free spins with a multiplier which boosts wins x5. By the time you’ve triggered it 15 times you’ll be enjoying 15 free spins each time with a dynamic multiplier increasing x1 every time you win.

There are hundreds of free spins rounds we would like to mention, but this is the best of them all.

Slots Bonus Wheel – Mega Fortune by NetEnt

This came down to a toss up between Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune, both of which have stellar bonus wheel features.

Either one can make you an instant multi-millionaire, but in the end we decided on the Mega Fortune bonus wheel because there’s a little more to it.

This is a multi-layered bonus wheel, and part of the exhilaration is getting through to the next layer, which is done by landing on an arrow symbol.

There are four layers in total, with the centre of the wheel being the MEGA Jackpot. If you win this, you can live the high life for a long time to come.

This is one of the most exciting bonus features of any slot, period. It’s most certainly the best bonus wheel of all.

Cascading Reels – Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt

When it comes to the different bonus round types, cascading reels is one of the most lucrative of them all when it kicks in.

This feature is sometimes called “rolling reels” and to put it in a nutshell, winning paylines vanish and new symbols replace them, potentially creating multiple wins in a row from just a single spin.

There are a few great video slots with cascading reels, so why did we label Gonzo’s Quest the best? It’s because it has a dynamic multiplier which increases all the way up to x5 on the fourth consecutive win.

Better yet, if you manage to trigger the cascading reels during the Gonzo’s Quest free spins round the multiplier can go all the way up to x15.

Multiple wins in a row is good enough, but when combined with x5 or x15 multipliers, the potential to walk away with pockets bulging is increased significantly.

Picking Rounds – Hall of Gods by NetEnt

You might have noticed by now that many of the slots on this list are NetEnt games. That’s not a coincidence. This Swedish software powerhouse is legendary for its epic video slots.

Hall of Gods is a cool slot in its own right, but the picking round takes it to entire new levels of coolness. Since this slot is themed on ancient Norse gods like Loki and Thor, the objective is to smash shields with Thor’s hammer, revealing cash prizes.

What’s the big deal with this? Any one of these hammer smashes could lead to a multi-million progressive jackpot win. Hall of Gods slot has created more than a few millionaires, and its through this round that it happens.

Try this free version of Hall of Gods to see for yourself. There’s something seriously hypnotic about this slot, so make use of the “reality check” feature if you decide to play for real money.

Multi Rounds – Avalon II by Microgaming

As technology has progressed, many slot machines with bonus rounds have begun to resemble video games, to some extent.

Avalon II has a bonus feature which is a perfect example of this. It’s actually six different features built into one, complete with a storyline and a final destination to reach.

Rolling the dice, free spins, picking games, rolling reels, battles, and bonus wheels are all built into this epic bonus feature. Only the most hardcore slots player will get bored while playing this game.

The Avalon II jackpot isn’t worth (x500), but some huge wins can come out of this bonus round.

Expanding Wilds – Starburst by NetEnt

Expanding wilds are more of a built-in base game feature than a video slot bonus round (strictly speaking). We still felt they deserve a mention, though, especially when they can lead to huge wins like they can with Starburst.

For those who are new to slots, wild symbols can substitute for other symbols to help create winning paylines. Expanding wilds can cover multiple rows, and often the entire reel they land on.

In Starburst slot the expanding wilds only land on the middle three reels. When they do, they can expand to cover all three middle reels, creating a bonanza of high-value payouts.

Some Common Questions About Slot Bonus Rounds

Q. Are slots bonus rounds predetermined or fixed?

A. All video slots are determined by random number generators. These are pre-programmed to pay out randomly. Nobody has fixed the bonus rounds, per se, but you could spin 1,000,000 times and not win and then win two jackpots in a row. Bonus features are controlled by RNG’s as well.

Q. What’s the slot machine bonus round with the biggest jackpot?

A. It would be one of the progressive jackpot slots. Which has the biggest jackpot depends on when it was last won. Some of the games mentioned above have jackpots worth millions, so check them out to see which progressive jackpot is currently biggest.

Q. Can I play slots bonus rounds for free?

A. Each of the games linked to above has a free version and the bonus rounds are included. Do be aware that you won’t be able to win real money jackpots when playing free versions. Of course, if you are playing free spins at a real money casino, that’s different.

Q. Do Las Vegas slot bonus rounds work on mobile devices?

A. There are a few older slots which don’t work on mobile devices, period. Any slot created within the last five years or so will be fully mobile compatible. That includes the bonus features.

Q. Can I see slot bonus round videos before playing?

A. There are lots of them on YouTube. Why not play the free versions of the games themselves for a better idea of what to expect? Most of our slot reviews have free games embedded within them.

Q. Can slot machine games with bonus rounds be played with free spins offers?

A. Yes, generally, but do be aware that most free spins bonus offers have a restricted selection of games you can use them on. You will be able to play the bonus features within those but that doesn’t guarantee the games listed above will be available.

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