Mobile Casino Apps

If you’re searching for a mobile casino, you’re in the right place. We cover the best casino apps and how to choose one here.

Mobile Casinos – A Checklist

Before you select a mobile casino for download, run through the following checklist and make sure the app you are considering meets the following criteria:

1 – Does this casino app offer all the games I want to play?

The days when a mobile casino only offered a handful of games, and a limited range compared to desktop casinos, are largely over. Most top mobile casinos should offer a full and extensive range of games including just about everything you can find if you log in on your laptop or PC to play.

Yet that doesn’t mean every game will be available. It’s a virtual guarantee the app will offer mobile slots, and probably mobile blackjack and roulette, but if you have a particular preference for a game such as craps, sic bo, or something not found at every casino, be sure to check if it is available before you download.

2 – Is the app compatible with my operating system?

iOS casinos and Android casinos are in abundance and if you are downloading an app from a well-known casino site it is pretty much guaranteed that it will be compatible with these two operating systems.

If you’re using a Blackberry or Windows phone, however, you may have to do a little digging and research to find a compatible mobile casino. These phones only comprise a tiny share of the overall market today, and not every casino will offer an app for these devices.

3 – Are there any other features that come along with the mobile casino?

Some casino apps for download offer other features all in one app such as poker rooms, sports betting and even financial betting.

It’s up to you to decide whether or not you are interested in these features, but it is worth knowing that some casinos offer a choice – an all in one app with multiple features, or downloading these apps one by one, only picking the ones you are interested in.

If you like a punt in between hands of blackjack or spins of the roulette wheel, this could be a great thing and there are plenty of multi-feature apps to choose from.

4 – Are there any incentives or extra bonuses available for mobile players?

If you’re going to pick a mobile casino, you might as well get paid for doing so. Casinos know mobile players are the future (and very much the present) and they are handing out free casino cash hand over fist to get you to try their app instead of the competition.

Exclusive mobile bonuses, extra large bonuses for mobile players, mobile free spins and lots of other extra goodies can be had if you pick the right app. While not the only factor that matter, it is smart to get as much as you can from your download.

5 – Is the app easy and convenient to use?

This is something that only experience will tell, but you can get a good feel for what features are offered and how user-friendly a mobile casino is by reading a good review beforehand.

At the very least the app you are considering should offer multiple payment methods and a fast and easy way to fund your account, lots of casino games with plenty of variety, and the ability to contact the customer support team if you need a hand with anything.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking all real money casino apps are created equal. They aren’t, and the small things add up over time. To ensure the best experience possible, do your homework up front.

6 – What payment methods are available?

Almost all mobile casinos will accept credit and debit cards as banking methods, but if you have a particular mobile payment method you prefer such as PayPal, Neteller, or Skrill, you need to be sure it is offered before you sign up.

As you probably already now, e-wallets make for a great choice of payment method because of the extra security, privacy, and withdrawal speeds they offer. Most mobile apps from the best casinos will allow funding by e-wallets.

What to Do Once You Pick a Casino for Mobile

Getting started with an iPhone casino, iPad casino, or any other form of mobile gambling app is quite simple once you have actually made the decision about which one to pick.

Here’s how to get things moving so you can play as soon as possible:

> Pick a mobile casino. You will see various options listed in the table above. Pick one and visit the casino site to download the mobile app.

> Download and install the mobile casino app. Don’t worry about what operating system you are using and the finer technical details. Most top casinos online can detect your operating system and will send you in the right direction. At the most you will have to choose between Android casino or Apple casino.

> Register an account. Once the installation is complete you will need to create an account. Registration won’t take long, and you will just have to create an account username and password, and give some personal details like your name and address.

> Log in. You will have to enter your mobile casino login details the first time you go to play. Even after registration, most casinos ask you to log in as a security measure.

> Fund your account to play for real money. Select your preferred payment method and add funds to your account. Always take the welcome bonuses on offer as this will give you casino cash gratis to play with.

That’s it. If you follow these simple steps you should now be ready to play mobile casino games direct from your device. You will now have a casino in your pocket 24/7.