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GUTS Spring Spins Promo

Spring is slowly edging its way in as winter retreats, and to celebrate the season of rebirth and rejuvenation, GUTS online casino is running a three-week promotion offering free spins and other daily bonus offers every single day.

The promotion is running as of now and will continue through until April 5th, meaning there is still plenty of time to get in on the action.

How Does this Promo Work?

GUTS is a fan of progress bars in its promotions, and this spring offer is no exception. By wagering funds at GUTS, you will see your firefly progress bar fill up, and will be awarded two free spins offers every time you fill the bar up completely, reaching a new level. You will have to pick one of these two offers each time.

Fireflies light up on the bar to remind you how many levels you have already triggered, and the free spins deals will be offered automatically when you have reached a milestone to be eligible for one. There are 15 levels in all.

Don’t worry about falling short of making the mark if you don’t play too much. Every day you can simply log in and click the boost button on your progress bar, and you will see it fill up a little more.

OK, Sounds Good. What are the Terms?

There are a few terms and conditions with this offer, as with all casino bonuses and promotions.

> This promo ends on April 5th at 23:59 sharp.

> There are restrictions on which countries are eligible. UK players and most European countries are, but check the terms to be sure.

> If you pick the wrong offer out of the two you are offered, GUTS won’t be able to change it.

> Some games will fill up your progress bar faster than others. Read the specific terms and conditions on GUTS website for further details.

> Best of all, there are absolutely no wagering requirements whatsoever on any of these free spins.

Is GUTS a Good Online Casino?

GUTS is among the best we have come across. Of course it has its strengths and weaknesses like every other casino, but on the whole, it is top-notch.

Apart from having won multiple awards, including best online casino in 2015, there is a huge range of quality casino games on offer including NetEnt and Microgaming video slots, plenty of table games, and some video poker titles.

We highly recommend GUTS, and with no-wagering free spins offer, even more so!


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