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Drake Casino Slots & Blackjack TournamentsTired of sitting there playing the same ‘ol games all the time? Find yourself robotically playing hundreds of hands of blackjack without even realizing it? Like most people visiting this site, I have a few games I really love to play, but I also need to mix it up sometimes. As much as I love a winning session of roulette, it can get boring during the downturns.

To this point, I thought I’d share with everyone my favorite diversion for the times when I’m feeling bored, or when I want to limit potential losses (more gameplay for my money). Personally, I’ve gravitated to what I’m about to share with you because I find myself feeling a lot more engaged and competitive than I do playing my normal games. This actually gets my blood pumping again.

What I’m talking about are the tournaments that Visit Drake Casino to Play Tournaments offers – and no, it’s not just slots tournaments.

Every day Drake offers a variety of tournaments which pit players against each other, adding that competitive aspect I spoke about above. So, not only do you want to win simply because winning money is fun, but you also get to experience that old feeling you had when you were younger and playing sports.

Before I go any further I must tell you, if you’re a high stakes player, these tournaments likely will not excite you. The Drake tournaments are really designed for us low stakes players, people who like to stretch their gambling money. If you’re a whale, this article won’t interest you.

Slots, Blackjack and Roulette Tournaments

Of course here are tournaments for slots (and progressive slots), but they also offer blackjack and roulette tournaments at a variety of buy-in levels. If you want to play a $5 game for two hours, you can actually do that here – and also have a shot at a nice return.

Although slots tournaments are the most popular, blackjack and roulette tournaments seem to be gaining in popularity as well. And, all of these games have initial buy-ins starting in the $2 range, with prize pools ranging from $100 up to $10,000 (weekly, with just a $5 buy-in). I’m not looking to hype anything here, just truthfully, if you like slots, that’s a helluva lot of fun for 5 bucks.

There is also a Daily Free Roll with no buy-in cost required, but an optional $2 rebuy is offered up to 5 times per player. If you’re not familiar with rebuy tournaments, rebuys are not required, but they’re available for players who go bust and want to get back into the tournament. The Daily Free Rolls have a $100 guarantee, but the prize pools typically surpass that, depending on how may players join in and the number of total rebuys.

For blackjack players, there is a weekly $25 buy-in called the VIP Blackjack tournament. There are no VIP level requirements, anyone with $25 can play. This tournament has a $4,000 guarantee, and a single $25 rebuy is available as well.

A $1,000 guaranteed Europan Roulette tournament is available every week, with a $5 buy-in and up to 5 rebuys available per player.

Other tournaments also come & go every week, so players should keep an eye out for the $1000 ($5 buy-in) Joker Poker tournaments, Twitter Free Rolls, and others.

To view all of the available tournaments, Go to Drake Casino and click on ‘Tournaments’ in the main menu located at the top of the website.


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